Wishlist for Injustice

If they do a ranking system, the ranks should be like this:

Starting rank:

Following ranks:
Legendary Hero/Supreme Villain-S
- Good story that actually makes sense

- One more Batman villain (preferably Scarecrow, Killer Croc or Poison Ivy), Deathstroke, Starfire and V or Rorschach as a guest character

- Shitload of extras and unlockables

- Cool alt outfits
Oh.. <_<

Then what did you mean?

He meant stuff like this VVV.

Superman to Batman:
I told you Bruce it's the end of what we knew. If I have to I wont hesitate to put you down.

You once stood for truth and Justice. Killing helpless people? You're no better then what we fight against..

Don't! Tempt me Bruce, I have no problem ending all that You are. Including that little boy of yours.

what would your father say if he knew you threatened My son?

IT doesn't matter what he'd say! Bruce, If you can't tell he's not here anymore.

Now I doubt Nrs would have ever gotten the green light to make Superman that dark and pissed, but it would be so cool to see the weight he bares as humanities saviour just come out all at once and he just goes crazy. Knowing Who ever was killed or taken from him was to much for him to lock away and forget about. It's not the first time I made Superman go crazy.

All of that was just off the top of my head.
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I would like to have a ranking system that doesn't show losses.

Well doesn't that defeat the purpose of showing how good someone is if it only shows the wins? Because anyone can look good with a long list of wins. It's not till you can see their losses that you can get accurate assessment of their skills.

What I think would be funny is if they put a Rage quitter bracket. lol
That's going to be hard to tell because we don't know how each stage will act with our connection... I'm betting the more "interactive" heavy stages will lag because of all of the animation going on in the back + its running on gamespy