Will NRS re release the classic mk games on current systems?


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Seeing that Capcom just announced a Street Fighter 30th anniversary collection that has all their classic games
( https://www.testyourmight.com/threads/sf%E2%80%99s-30th-anniversary-collection-will-nrs-follow-suit.66197/) in one package. It begs the question will WB and NRS do the same? Testyourmight already made a thread about this but I'd figured I make one here. Personally a MK arcade Kollection with ggpo netcode and Mk9 thrown in as a added bonus would be a instant buy from me. I obviously have my doubts considering how WB handled the arcade Kollection but you never know....Thoughts?
I kind of thought that they would have done something like that (a port of MK9) or something similar, this year, given the whole 25th Anniversary thing.
I can't really say that it surprises me, though, given that last time that WB / NRS trusted an outside source to do an HD Collection it failed miserably and was cancelled.
Honestly, out of the past MK games, MK9 will probably be the only one I'll spend significant time playing. Still, I'm all compilations and re-releases since I don't like games wasted with the advancement of consoles and PCs.