Will MKX introduce us to new realms like Deception did?


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Now I'm only basing this off yesterdays gameplay trailer (which was badass by the way). By looking at the 3 new characters and the new stages. It left me thinking where are these new characters from? I would guess atleast one of these characters(Big guy & lil guy) could be from Havik's Chaos realm(which is a realm that needs more representation). You can even point out that maybe both of these levels are from Outworld since they had Living Forest and a shipyard type level in MK9. But seeing that Aztec looking guy and the "Bee Lady". I think they could be from completly different realms.

It may be a tad too early for this thread since we havn't been given any story info or other new or returning character reveals. What do you think?


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hmm having more realms would actually be contrary to the MKD story and its kamidogus. Unless, the realm(s) they come from was merged with Outworld like Nitara's realm. Would be cool if the giant and the midget were from chaosrealm though.


There's a Mirror Realm in the Challenge Tower 287 which Quan Chi is unaware of. So he says "What sorcery is this?" and Mirror Quan Chi replies "I was pondering that myself!"

So how would it be if everything was the opposite in mirror realm and with everything in world like a mirror.