Why everyone hates Mortal Kombat Special Forces so much?


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I don't know why everyone hates Mortal Kombat Special Forces so much. Why everyone hates that game? I don't see it wrong. I thought everyone hates the game for no reason :(
Lol, how many of these threads are you going to make?

To answer your question, the gameplay for that game in all honesty is awful. It's repetitive, it's frustrating, the camera is all over the place... just not a fun experience at all.

The story wasn't exactly great, either, unlike Mythologies where the story is considered to be a saving grace of that game.
I liked the music so much and some of the bosses are good. And I thought the intro is cool. The cutscenes are good. The game wasn't hard for me. I am a hardcore MKSF player.
The music? Lol, I thought the sound department was one of the worst aspects of the game.

But I respect your opinion and the fact that you could find something enjoyable about the game because I certainly can't
It brought at least one good thing: Tremor. But yeah, released MKSF version is supposed to be much different from what was originally planned for this game (playable Sonya, different story, and other things).