Why did NRS stop!!!!!!!


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Just because the game is out, doesn't mean we don't want our Mortal Mondays back, or our Toasty Tuesdays, or our Fatality Fridays!!!!! What the hell!! I miss rushing home on those certain days for new wallpapers, vignettes, combo videos etc. The finished copy of the game doesn't have all that kool stuff NRS was giving us week after week. The game is out now, and believe me I am very very happy about that, but for elder god's sake man!!!! Give us those three awsome days back!!! Don't you guys agree? Why can't we have Cyber Subby wallpapers, or Cyrax and Sektor combo videos. I would love for NRS to keep releasing stuff like this for each character. God knows there not in the game(why I don't know). So hook us up, because I find myself actually missing the days before release.

Tanyas Husband

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but for elder god's sake man!!!!


But seriously, Yea! I wanted a baraka Poster for my room!...Oh well, I'll make one out of scratch...


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Ed via Twitter today:

RT @NinjaBoy66 Back in video editing mode.... Noobde: FYI, that means kool new MK video coming !!


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I want Fix the Lag Fridays.

hahahahahahahahahaha that actually made me laugh, but seriously though same here. it only really lags for me when im in king of the hill but thats the best game mode :p oh well. oh yeah and im hungry as shit anyone wanna get me some mcdonalds?


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He doesn't say Whoopsies or toasty, he says Beagles!

So what was this thread about originally? I think it was something I agreed with...