Why are there 2 pictures of Cyber Sub on character select?

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that it works like a wheel that will scroll through extra characters like them. There will be more when DLC comes out.
Yeah i don't like to see two on the screen either. One should be for Cyber Sub-Zero the other should show Kratos! RATS! But the 2nd players gets to pick these on the right side and the left side player can only select these from the Left side. Very odd Feature if u ask me.

Oh Well!

cause player 1 can only choose left, and player 2 can only choose the right side. each player has there own DLC side
Before you unlock Cyber Sub Zero, there are two pictures of Kratos on the PS3 version on the left and the right. I thought that was odd when I first got the game.
Because NRS decided that for whatever reason to put CSZ in the DLC slots. The one on the left is for 1P and the one on the right is for 2P. If I am not mistaken, for PS3, you can scroll between Kratos and CSZ in those two slots. The same will happen when the DLC characters are available.