Who's sorcery is the strongest?


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I always thought in Mortal Kombat sorcery was ranked in this manner:

  1. Shao Kahn [At the top]
  2. QuanChi and/or Shang Tsung.

I exclude Shinnok because his sorcery is god-tier.

But now I'm somewhat confused. I was reading around the MK Wiki and I came across this page:

So I ask. are Shadow Priests really that powerful? And how exactly are the powerful sorcerers ranked?
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From the looks of it, that wikia entry is just a poorly-sourced piece of fan fiction from someone with a boner for shadow priests. I don't think that wikia page is reliable on this, given that its version of the priests' background doesn't account for the events of MK9 and ignores MK Mythologies: Sub Zero.

In MK9 we see Quan Chi resurrect Sindel, not the shadow priests. Prior to that, it was also said in MK Mythologies that Shang Tsung had learned the necessary incantations for Sindel's resurrection from Quan Chi pre-MK1, in exchange for the location of Shinnok's amulet. No shadow priests there either.

Besides that, I just don't buy the theory that shadow priests are more powerful than Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Shao Khan certainly is, despite lacking Quan Chi's expertise in necromancy. It's never confirmed what sort of being Shao Khan is, besides the former advisor to Onaga. Whatever he is though, I doubt Shinnok could vanquish him directly. If he could have, then I don't understand his need to manipulate the events of MK9 through Quan Chi. Shinnok's goal was to weaken both Outworld and Earthrealm's forces and hopefully eliminate Shao Khan and Raiden. I don't think he retained all the power he formerly had as an elder god, since he's been diminished by his torment in the Netherrealm. That's why he's played his biggest threats against each other, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
Quan Chi was portrayed as the better fighter when it comes to the Deadly Alliance, however, when it comes solely to magic, I am unsure who is more skilled. Shao Kahn has a whole team of sorcerers - shadow priests and Shang Tsung on his side, so he himself might not be the supreme sorcerer.