WHO'S NEXT? (For me to draw!)

WHO'S NEXT? (For me to draw!)

  • Kitana Vs. Scorpion

    Votes: 4 17.4%
  • Sonya Vs. Cyrax

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Mileena Vs. Shao Kahn

    Votes: 9 39.1%
  • Skarlet Vs. Kung Lao

    Votes: 2 8.7%

  • Total voters


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Hi! I haven't been around these parts in awhile, but I'll be here much more often now that news will be pouring in for MKX.

I did this drawing of Sub-Zero Vs. Jade 2 or so years ago and now that I've got Mortal Kombat back on the brain, I want to do another one like it.


My question is!.... WHO'S NEXT?

What two characters should I draw duking it out MK9 style? In what background?

(Note: I like drawing ladies :v )


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I voted for Sonya vs Cyrax, as for the background, I think the Acid Bath or the Bank from MK3 would be badass. Maybe give Sonya her MK9 alt.