Who would buy all MK's in marketplace?


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If there was a decent price (15$ Max), I wouldn't hesitate to buy all the MKs in the market place. I know it most likely wont happen but this MK made me miss all the previous ones. I have most of the recent ones for regular Xbox, but unfortunately the 360 I have doesn't support the old Xbox games so I can't even play them. I'm all for them in the marketplace, anyone else?
I would prefer a hd disk based quadrilogy of Deadly alliance deception Shaolin monks and Armageddon i would pay 60$ for that even though i live in Europe.....
I can't imagine all the MK's together for only 15. Probably 40 since PS2 classics tend to go for higher amounts.

I wouldn't care though. Only thing I'd buy is Deadly Alliance and Deception's Konquest. I don't even want the rest of the game, just the Konquest mode. Armageddon too. Even though I hate it's story, it would be fun to go back and play through it's shittyness.
Yes! Fortunatly I have a ps2 and still at times play MK4, DA, MKD and MKA, sometimes even Mythologies, but MK3's disc is scratched... And I would love to have them all in my 360, pplus UMK3 and trilogy.

EDIT: I do not care for SF and SM though but I wouldn't mind.
Just give us an arcade perfect port/official emulation first of MK4 for God's sake. I will pay any amount of money for that game. Then they can do a HD version of the 3D games, as well as SM.

Baby Steps.

Speaking of the 3D games, I ordered a brand new copy of MK:D off Amazon, as my old version for Xbox is all scratched up and I had a huge craving to play one of the 3D games on my 360. Maybe I'll grab MK:DA next as that also got scratched up, and play it on my original Xbox since it is not backwards compatible. I did not take great care of my games when I was a youth.
Before DA was released I remember in Midway's site I think they asked for your opinion about what you wanted to see in the next game. I remember that I suggested a story where the good guys lost to shinnok, and shang tsung helps them. Plus I remember I suggested a new version of the old games, with 3d graffics and stuff, as well as a secret menu that wouldc reveal the original game as it is. I was willing to buy them then.