Who is Your Favourite Boss/Sub Boss?

Who is Your Favourite Boss/Sub Boss ?

  • Shang Tsung

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  • Kintoro

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  • Quan Chi

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  • Shao Kahn

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  • Shinnok

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  • Goro

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i really dont like any of them but i like shao kahn because he talks trash while your fighting him
oh yeah and you forgot noob/smoke they we the sub boss on deception
dude, you have no friggin' clue how many times this has been posted.............Quan Chi, Shao Kahn, and strangely--Shinnok.
Prince of The Shokan said:
well ths is my first ever installment as iv just registered
but hey i tryed lol

Eh, don't worry about it. This is a forum, and it is a place for discussion. Even though this question has undoubtedly been asked many times prior to this thread, members change, and sometimes opinions change.

My favorite boss is Shang Tsung. I loved the whole island storyline, and he made a perfect, creepy boss figure.
Lol,sorry prince..Anyways i was worse than you when i first got here..Just use the search fonction..You can find all you need there,if its not there than just poste a new topic
well the one thing they cant find is the feud you, InfernoScorpion, SpecialForces, and I had. its been erased. but thats beside the point for now. Shinnok was made to be WAY too easy.......Shao Kahn's hard as freakin hell
shao kahn, hes the man. but hes like shredder from turtles and never wins, sucks for him

dragon king sucked
He did. Very very much yes. Shinnok is badass to da max too yo, he ripped thru Sareena's chest (his own servant) without a second thought.