Who is your Favorite robot in UMK3?

Who is your favorite robot in UMK3?

  • Cyrax

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  • Sektor

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  • Smoke

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I think that this has ben disscused before,and i remember that evryone posted that they like cyrax,so speacial forces posted:You all like cyrax cause he's with the speacial forces.
I can't forget this
:D gee i wonder who i think is the best???????


i think he is the best cos he has heat seakers he can do that cool teleport uppercut
hes unrelenting, he doesnt care about getting back his soul , he has dreads .... dreads! and cool colour too! :D
Smoke, because he's the most powerful of them and because I was a big fan of Smoke in MK2 (and ended up being a huge fan of Human Smoke in UMK3/MKT).
Smoke, damn it. He always been one of my favorites characters, even as a robot.
Smoke is my favorite robot cause his moves are really cool. He's got the spear and the uppercut thingy. Sector is pretty cool to though
Cyrax is the baddest mofo there is when it komes to robots. Especially his fatalities. I also always loved to watch him struggle in the desert on the one level in MKTrilogy.