Who is your Favorite MK Villain?

Who is your favorite MK Villain?

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Who is your favorite MK Villain (not necessarily MK Boss)?: THIS IS NOT WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER FROM ABOVE! Who is your favorite MK VILLAIN!!

For example, Quan Chi isn't my favorite character of the options above, but I love him as a storyline villain. I think him and Shang Tsung are great evil, manipulative, psychological sorcerers.
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MK9 fav villian, Ermac

I loved when he ripped Jax arms, I hate Jax so much. (I really hate Jax-Sonya-Kano threesome)

And Ill add Rain too, Edenian traitor FTW!

PS - Ermac should defintly be in that list.
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Mileena, even though she's my favorite, the psychological side defines her personality. Her lines are equally humurous, crazy, and sexy.
Quan Chi. I mean come on, he never loses his cool and is the major Villian in the story, not Shao Kahn.

I also don't think of Goro as a villian. I mean if you extend the story, he allies himself up with Kitana.

Sky Valley

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no Motaro on the list? Fail list. he scared the crap out of me when I was a wee lad. and thats all that takes for him too be my #1 villain

Iain Dyce

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Kintaro, even though he is is the only Shokan who chooses to continue kissing up to shao Kahn i love his tiger look and claws he is so much more bad ass than goro or sheeva. i also like Rain and Skarlet though both evil badasses. and major evil i suppose Quan Chi, necromancers are cool plus u got to give him props for creating scorpion :D btw Ermac to those of u that think he's evil...he's not he only starts evil then he goes to the good side, not that i don't think he's awesome but that kind of terminates him from the evil list in my book.