Which was the most violent Fatailty on MKvsDC.

Aldo Moreno

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Even tho MKvsDC had less violent Fatailties, which was your most violent ones(not kounting Heroic Brutatilites).
Mine is Liu Kang's Fatailty.
Here is a video of it.
Liu Kang just drop him to the floor HARD and then did the bicycle kick to the face WHILE HE IS ON THE FLOOR TOo O:. Then he like threw a fireball to his face. That is the most violent Fatailty I seen in MKvsDC.
What is yours?:trytofly:


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I don't know it's that "violent" but the most sadistic fatality in MKvsDC is the Joker's (uncensored).


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For me, it's Raiden's electrocution fatality.

The reason why it's the most violent for me, is because I imagined that same fatality in an M-Rated MK setting.

Could you imagine that same fatality in MK 9 with the flesh burning and guts spilling out?
If it was MK 9, when the lightning bolt hit the body, instead of leaving a skeleton, the blood and body parts would have exploded everywhere.

Taj Gill

Probably Deathstrokes uncensored fatality... I dont know its a toss up between Liu's and Deathstroke's. On a side note, I hope Liu's MK1 arcade cabinet drop becomes DLC and redone to a more gruesome way in MK9!


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among the shitty fatalities of Mk vs Dc i think that lex luthor's fatality is the most violent... the one he grabs you're torso and breaks it..

Killer Ryno

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I actually like sub-zero's where he lifts the person above his head, freezes them and than smashes them on the ground :)


Robot Rock
Sub-Zero has the best ones IMO. They almost seemed like something he'd do in a regular MK.


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Both of Deathstroke's definitely, loved how he pulled out the X and the end of the second one; I liked Raiden's electrocution fatality too. Shang Tsung's were just disrespectful lol, first stealing your essence then stepping on your back, then morphing into you and stealing your soul lol.

On a side note, does anyone else feel satisfied doing Scorpions second fatality on Joker? The one where he pulls the enemy into the Netherealm and up pops a skeleton? Idk why but I always liked doing that to Joker lol.

But back on topic, in my opinion Deathstroke's was. Liu's was pretty good too though.