Where do you people get your pics for sigs?

Bloodstain said:
ok i been trying to make sigs recently but google just isnt cutting it for the pics. anyone got any better sites? :cry:
There is nothing wrong if your a newbie to sig making. I'm sure if you asked some members might be able to give you pointers, or direct you to sites that have good tutorials.

If your trying to post your sig... use this code.
Than you will see this!
it's not all pictures actually,some of this actually takes skill.some of us have to create out own material and methods for doing things as well.
also some of the fun in making sigs or other digital type art is having limited resources,if everything was handed to you so easily it might not be as much fun.I think working with limited resources will help in the long run.
but for now,if your getting into sig making go here---> http://www.good-tutorials.com .
it's a good site for beginners.please stick to the basics and work your way up,and you can always learn something from the basics even if your already intermediate level or even pro.
I wish you luck in the world of digital art.and don't get pissed if someone gives you negative criticism.as long as they tell you whats wrong with it it's good criticism because it will help you get better.
...thanks but tht still doesnt solve my image problem :cry: like i mean pics of mk characters...and i am using good - tutorials already
Bloodstain said:
...thanks but tht still doesnt solve my image problem :cry: like i mean pics of mk characters...and i am using good - tutorials already
go to www.mkwarehouse.com and you might find what your looking for
if you don't find it there look through other MK sites..if they don't have anything you want your out of luck man.
MKWarehouse is a good source for sprites and pretty much anything mortal kombat. Hi-Res pictures of deception characters can be found on the official website under wallpapers.

As someone else mentioned though, a big part of signature creation is making your own parts to it from scratch. Usually, I'll make a custom background for people's signatures to give it a unique-ness. Take the sig I made for noob-ermac:


I made the background from scratch. I also took time to make everything mesh well together, such as the text blending in well with the fading effect of Saibot and Ermac.

Other times though, I'll focus on the background mostly. This makes signatures look very unique and they usually always turn out how I wanted. A result of this technique would be:


Keep at it bud! It took me awhile to get to where I'm at now, and I've still got a long ways to go. :)
thanks everyone :) and dragon which blending option do u use to make a sort of fading efect such as the one in noob-ermac's sig?ive been wondering for some time now...just dont know what to do to get it to do that. If you could tel me which option it wud b a great help=)
Noob ermacs signature was fairly tricky. To get a fading effect you have to go to the layer's blending options. Assuming you're using photoshop, you can get there by right clicking the layer you want to fade and go to blending options. In blending options, the opacity bar will adjust what you are looking for. Just screw around in photoshop for a bit and you'll get the hang of it.