Where are the freaking combos??


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Last night I started playing the arcade mode with Sub-Zero.

I love the fact he's got his ninja outfit as a primary costume (don't like the "shredder" outfit), and was pleased to see they kept his Shotokan fighting style and off course his Koriblade.

The only bad thing is : where are the combos? In MK Deception you could perform some awesome combos, even with one fighting style... In MK A you only get a 4 or 5 hit or so... (not counting the aerials).

Everytime I try a good pop-up combo, I fail the last hit which would normally send the opponent through the air and when I do get it to work, can't get my aerial combo to land...

The idea of the aerial combos and all is ok, but the lack of decent ground combos to me, is a negative point to this otherwise great game.

Performed my first fatality with great amusement, did't have the proper button combinations before me so I just entered a few combinations and the results were great... Spine rip, head squeeze.... really funny when you don't know what you'll get... :D

All in all it's a great game, must congrat the MK A developer team... BRAVO !!!


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Sub-Zero just isn't the powerhouse he was in Deception. He has a good selection of combos, but only a few characters have combos over 3-4 hits. You really don't need more hits, as the more hits you add on to a combo, the less damage it does. Just play around with everyone. I've found some characters that I really enjoy playing as, and they aren't very combo heavy. Shao Khan is one of my favs.


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I've noticed that Midway took away basically every one's really long and powerful combos, kinda sucks but I can deal with it.


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I've seen the Kombo thread and know that every hit you add to a kombo inflicts less damage but nevertheless I loved those long kombos

I've started to get those aerial down and when you do a proper pop-up, you can really inflict some damage... (unless they break your kombo... :()