Where are the Fighter Vignettes?


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Where the hell are they Ed and Hector both said that they were in the game. but they both did brag about the new improved Bell Tower Stage Fatality as well.

2 questions

1. Has anyone herd anything maybe part of a patch or FREE DLC

2. Anyone know what was on the 40MB Patch besides correcting 2 infinite's >:


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I hope all the characters get these Vignettes they are really well made... Also I don't see why there is no Opening Cinematic Either as It is trying to be an arcde game aswell but does not act like an arcade cabinet in the sense of leaderboards or stats and cinematics when in an idle state...

It makes you wonder why they spend money producing all this nice video content that must cost alot of money and it does not even make it into game.....

It's bells and whistles stuff but it's nice touches like these that would enhance the overall good presentation of the title already...

I hope all this video content is available eventually in the game

I hope NRS also put there money where there mouth is and include all the stuff that is not in game that they said is in the game otherwise it's all just ********... Especially the new improved Belltower stage fatality you mentioned Ronny there is no excuse for stuff like that and if they carry on like this people won't be happy and will stop buying into it

UMK9 Anyone?
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Also apparently they can "mini-update" the game without us knowing to fix some infinates there was a article about this posted by someone but I don't remember.