What's your nickname?

Shirayuki Mizore

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Joey (Close Friends from elementary and early middle school school til' now)

Joecool (As a kid)

Joey Knuckles (As a kid)

Joe (Friends)

Isaiah (If my best friend wants to irritate me)


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Torey (Most of my family call me this)

P (Cause my first name is Paul, and my Dad gave me that nick name)

Paul wall (Friends at school love to tease with that name Lol)


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Only nickname i've ever had is Jacky-Bear (kinda gay I know, but eh whatever, only one person calls me that anyway)


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thank you one-hump chump, i kind of slapped it together in a hurry.

Because of this I bestow upon you your new title...


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I was called Ames in high school.

Austin in middle and elementary school.

Not very exciting I know.

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Real name= Izzy (well, really, it's Isaiah, regardless, I ****ing hate that name, so don't ever address me by it)

Nicknames= Zeke
Freaky Zeke
DJ Izzy
Zeke Nword Africa
Ricky Bobby (cause my full name, Isaiah David Earnest Anthony, are all considered first names, hence my middle school nickname, Ricky Bobby)

Paul wall (Friends at school love to tease with that name Lol)
"Posted up on da block like a stop sign"