Whats your favortie MK game and why?


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I loved MK3 the best. The ultimate endurance mode where you and a friend have a 8 vs 8 match was great. We would pick all random charecters and its how we learned to kick ass with every charecter. Great game and even better mode that needs to be brought back in future games. Does anyone know if this mode is available on MK3 or Trilogy for the original playstation?
I would have to say MKI. It's just where it all started. As Boon says, it was just meant to be a quick project, yet it sprouted and entire universe. If anyone can argue that that doesn't make it amazing, then i'm all ears. (not literally coz then i'd be some sort of freak)
MK2, it had a darker feel to it. Also, they used their magical powers to give it infinite replay value. It's the one game I could play for days without taking a break.