whats gonna happen next on themortalkombat site


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^^^ The vignette could just talk about he being the God of Thunder, receiving the visions from the future and leading the Earthrealm warriors in general to the tournament. After all, we don't even know if Liu Kang is gonna be the champion this time.

Now that my hunger for Mileena has been satisified, it time for Raiden! We need to see his gameplay urgently, he was one of the first confirmed characters, but until now we haven't even seen his in-game model. Even Kahn's one we've seen.


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Hey, what the hell... we need some Shao Kahn video, so come on and spam the shit out on their forum!!1


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Nah, it is Shao Kahn time. Deffinitely want to see him swinging his Wrath Hammer and sending the Earthrealm warriors into oblivion.


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They shouldn't do Kahn. Save that vignette and shit for the krypt.

He should be kept somewhat of a mystery. Just like Goro should have.


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i gbet lui's will get revelealed. or raidens, i do hope they to other characters in their videos, such as stryker in mileenas, that would be tight, i imagine they will.