whats a good electric guitar?


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It depends on what kind of sound you're looking for, it's not simply as clear cut as what's good and what isn't. If you play at all, just find a Guitar Center or something and start testing guitars in your price range. Try whatever strikes your fancy and see if it's a fit for you.

If you want something for ripping out heavy rock and metal, check out Jackson, ESP, B.C. Rich and stuff along those lines, but if you want something more versatile to cover more styles, check out Fender and Gibson. Gibson is probably a good place to start anyway, and Epiphone (which is made by Gibson) has plenty of cheaper versions of Gibson guitars that are usually still pretty good quality.

If you want my advice down to a specific guitar, maybe try out a Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul. They cover a wide variety of styles, just like most Gibsons and Fenders, but they're also one of the most popular guitars on the planet, and so many other guitars are based off that one it's not even funny. For style, sound and playability, you can't really go wrong with a Les Paul.


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I own an ESP and the the clean sound is pretty good. Great guitar for Metal or Hard Rock. Mine is quite confortable to play with.
But playing with a fender telecaster or Strato,...those are great. But like DeathcoreRyknow said, it really depends on the sound you are looking for.


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I would try out a few first for the sound. As mentioned before, a Gibson Les Paul is a good start. Most Gibson guitars can be found around that price range as well, just experiment and search for one that fits what you play.
i went to my local music store yesterday, and tried messing around with some epiphones and telecasters, i found some epiphones with wa wa bars, i tought id like it but nahh,but i found this white fender, its kinda expensive, i like it though, but i cant really distinguish between sounds, i wanted a gibson, cuz my fav bands use a gibson, but, i didnt get to play around with one, so i think ill go with the fender.

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ESP's are real good for hard shit,and they look cool. . .

And actully sometimes the guitar doesn't matter as much as the pedal you have
I'd say it's more the guitar and the amp that make the tone,not the pedals as much.

I'd sudgest,for that price an Epiphone would be decen't,same with a squire strat (has to be properly set up cause the action usually sucks when it comes from the factory),I'd also have to agree with Deathcore except with the B.C. Rich thing.
I know one of my favorite guitarists (RIP Chuck Shuldiner) played one but anything like the warlock or the Bitch or whatever the sound really sucks,especially the cheaper ones.
I like the Ibanez RG series personally so I'll have to sudgest that.
I can't give you an exact model in the RG series though since they don't make RG320s anymore.
but yeah,check out some Ibanez as well as some Jacksons.
also don't count out lesser known brands,you could find that hidden Jem that everyone overlooks :wink: .

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I've always been a Fender man, especially for bass. But Strats are fantastic guitars and I think they cost that much if you get a Mexican. You should save up on splash out on a USA Fender if you can. Mexico's good, USA is better. Just don't get a Japanese Fender, in the name of all that is holy.