What was your favorite secret/easter egg in the WHOLE Mortal Kombat series.

Aldo Moreno

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My favorite secret in the whole MK series was the MKSM survial mode secret. I found out about it in MKO so I tried for days to figure it out. One day, I went back to the site and read how to do it and it took my a 5 trys to get to it. That was my most favorite sercret of all time bekause that is something that is really hard to figure out. Then when you do figure it out, it is hard to beat the whole thing. On top of that I heard it took almost a year after the game was released to find this secret.

I always got stuck on the last level bekause of Ermac and Scorpion>:l.

:)thread inspired by back, back, back, low punch:)

Tim Static

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The stuff that was never in the game were my favorite lol all the liars, all the bullshit, all the shit talkin. so many stupid unbelievable stories about stuff supposed to be in the games.

actual secrets? Finding the friendships, babalities & animalities in the MK2 and MK3's.


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I have to say Reptile, because he was the original secret. Toasty is a close second.


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Probably "Test Modes" and the Fergality in the Genesis version of MK2. That shit blew me away back then.


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1) The cheat code in Mortal Kombat: Gold to unlock the secret menu (for one button fatalities) and to play as hidden characters.
2) Jade in MK2
3) Cheat code for one button fatalties in Mortal Kombat Trilogy.
4) Secret boss fights in MKSM.


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I'd have to say that my favorite is the Smoke fight.
Right after that is the johnny cage triple decap fatality.


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This is my favorite.



Robot Rock
The fatalities!!!
Back when arcades ruled the land, and the intetwebz were a pipe dream where I lived, seeing Shang Tsung turn into Kintaro damn near made me shit my pants! Also the MK4 cheat screen, I haven't played the game in months and I still remember the code :)


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The good old secret fights and dropping people from the Kombat Tomb/MK4 Goro's Lair roof spikes.

Shang 'T' Sung

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The SNES UMK3 secret menu's Kool stuff, Kooler stuff, Scotts stuff. We would always enable quick uppercut recovery, and unlimited run. Whoever gets the first uppercut wins! I really wish they would have implemented them in MKT though:(


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I also loved playing Shiang Sung in MK2 and finishing the round as Reptile. Then make sure your invisible when it says "Finish him" Then turn into anyone esle and perform an INVISIBLE FATALITY!!! It was hilarious seeing someones head explode or body rip in half and there was nobody around that did that to him.


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It has to be Kochal. I can't find the thread but I sure made an ass out of myself.

Classic TRMK stuff.