What Version Are You Getting At Launch? PS4, XBO or PC?

What Platform Are You Getting MKX On Release?

  • PlayStation 4

    Votes: 44 62.9%
  • Xbox One

    Votes: 11 15.7%
  • Steam

    Votes: 19 27.1%

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Better pray to the Elder Gods you get it done in two days.

I live in Grand Rapids and I used to live in detroit and work for Quicken which a lot of my family still does. I'd love to play with someone thats not too far from me, if you want to add me my tag is asddgd, same as my name


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Playstation 4. Currently in the Middle East and will be for a while, so anyone in the region hit me up.
Psn= St0lenSaiL0rje


Trolling You For Fun & Profit
Bring it!! >:0 in all seriousness, I'm so ready for this game to come out. The last fighting game I played was mk9, I've preordered this one.

Lord Greyjoy

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Still so many PS4 people lol
It's the dominant console this gen, so it's going to have a bigger playerbase for everything not named Call of Duty. And MK as a series has identified more with PlayStation than it has with Nintendo or Xbox (ex: MK9 was played more on PS3). I think it's because the 3D era saw success on PS2.


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Looking to see what platform most people are getting MKX for at launch (so not Xbox 360 or PS3). This is for the TRMK Game Nights which we did for MK9 and Injustice.

Since the game is region locked, this is for us playing in North America.

Is there anywhere on this forum doing this for the UK?


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Ps4 digital for me as it'll be the last part of a charity stream.
For those who got digital version in UK, they've fixed the countdown for midnight release (it was 1am) Sony were no help but warner bros were awesome when contacted & fixed it.

Add me psn: NXNDJ

charity info:

Stream starts 8am woth gta then destiny then MKX search "NXNDJ1982" on twitch

I will be avoiding story mode so no spoilers for friends across the pond
Apologies for long post but my network of friends is small & am just trying to spread the word