What the heck is this place?


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Was feeling a bit nastalgic so I did a google for "#mk3 efnet" and found this. I actually remember a few names that I see here, it's been like 10 years (yeah wow its been that long) since I left, glad to see some of you survived.
Who woulda thought the internet would be mainstream, eh?? :)

In case anyone is like, who the hell is this? Here:
Wow, how's it going, rat?

You probably don't remember me much from the EFnet #mk3 days, but I went there off and on. But I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed your site, and your guides still help me even to this day, 10 years after they were created.

It's great to see you back, man. Sorry I wasn't able to talk in the chat room last night, I was AFK.
yeah man, I remember you, weren't you like the first person to post the human smoke code for UMK3?

Anyways, if you have Kaillera/MAME I'd love to challenge for some old school MK games. Especially MK2 (any version)
I don't remember if I had an exclusives, all I did was verify every piece of BS posted and post the stuff that worked. Simple, but nobody else did that at the time. Everyone else posted things without checking it themselves, or simplifying things (like B-B-F-F-B-F-B-F-HP when all you need is B-F-HP).
And dude I barely remember how to play now, or any of the moves, it might be fun to try though. Post instructions
HAH. Blast from the past. I used to hang in #mk3, typically as sekt0r. There was another sektor, who sometimes went by sek so I eventually started using gundam, I remember ratman! TonyD.

Still have a copy of aol.bx is anyone wants it ;)