What special moves would you like in the game?


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Ok this is my first time creaitng a thread here (yay!) and the title probably sounds a bit vague but I just wondered what types of moves people could think of or wanted in the game for certain characters.

I know we can probably guess most of what the MK guys will have but Jax for instance, will he have ground pound? his gun? piston punches?

I think Green Lantern has a lot of potential in the special moves category. A big hammer, maybe a green hand (similar to Shinnok's move), plenty of weapons he could make up :)

So what do you guys think? Not just for these two characters but any that we know are in the game!!
Well, generally I'd like to see each character have a ranged attack, a stun attack, a rush attack, and a teleport move/attack. Maybe not all of those types, but that's generally how things go. Some characters might have 2 projectiles with different effects (like how Reptile has his acid spit for straight damage, and his force ball for juggling etc.)

I can't really think of any specific moves I'd like for any of the characters. As far as MK kombatants go I just wanna see all the classics back. Like they did with Sonya. Jax should have gotcha grab, multi-slam, missiles (which can be made into double missiles with pro moves), ground pound, and backbreaker.

As far as DC characters go, I'm not into them enough to know their moves. Especially Green Lantern and Wonder Woman and the Flash. I know Supes and Bats, that's about it.
Kitana's jump kick/fan throw. That's what made her such an awesome fighter in MK2 and I simply must be able to do that in this game.
They can't have Hal without the Boxing Glove.

I just hope they either: A. Keep Hal's moves very character specific or B. Give him one of each of the Earth Lanterns construct types (Hal's no nonsense moves, Guy's spray paint, John's architecture and Kyle's anime.) I just hope they don't get all generic with him.
Kitana didn't have a jump kick special...that was Milleena. Kitana had a flying punch though.

Give me a little more credit than that. What I mean is that she needs to be able to transition from a jump kick into her fan throw as she could in MK2 and 3. Judging by how this game is supposed to play, that should be possible so long as they give her a mid-air fan toss.
Kitana-I'd want to see stab her opponent with her fans.She'd still have her fans and could still do the move, but they wouldn't stay.Or she'd have to do it again and she would pull them out.
Jax-Grab their head with one hand and raise his fist to punch and his arm hydrolic and hits them in the face three times.
For a grapple, a bear hug then a belly to belly toss out of the hug(across the arena).
He does a fight night round 3 style haymaker to the jaw and their eyes roll back in there head and they fall back lifeless, but get up real quick and continue the fight.
Scorpion-Swing his spear in circles for a sec, providing a small range damage dealing shield(exept from projectiles).
Raises fire in front of the opponent and should they enter the ring of fire on the floor the fall threw it as if its a hole in the floor.In which case, Scorpion automatically have rips off his mask and breaths fire at the ceiling and it catches fire(what if its outside?), then the fire turns into a medium size fire whirl pool.The opponent falls threw the whirl pool/slash burning roof to the floor.The fire dies.Oh and he puts his mask back on.
Sub-Zero-He creates a block of ice as big as a character on the floor.Long side on floor as if it was laying down.Then he kicks it at his opponent.Leaving them with the option of jumping over it or it hitting them in the shins and they fall on their face, and their face falls on the block which their fat-ass would smash.lol.
Sonya-She kisses her hand and plants her hand on her opponents face.as soon as there's hand to face contact.There's a very small explosion between her hand and their face.And the go back a few feet.That's right C4 lipstick!Do sum!