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What would Shang Tsung's intros have been? What about Shao Kahn's?

Shao Kahn: I am ruler of Outworld.
Kotal Kahn: Outworld needs new leadership.
Shao Kahn: Exactly!

Shang Tsung: Your soul is mine!
Shinnok: Flattering, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: We shall see.
Shinnok: That we will...
Johnny Cage: Nice moves, slick.
Noob Saibot: The sincerest form of flattery.
Johnny Cage: Hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Noob Saibot: You shall not best me, jester.
Johnny Cage: Jester? Says the shadow puppet.
Noob Saibot: Kuai Liang was right to question your worth.
Kabal: "Think you can match my speed, Cage?"
Johnny Cage: "Don't worry. I'll let you catch your breath, daisy."
Kabal: "..won't be able to when I'm finished with you."

Johnny Cage: "Isn't Halloween in October?"
Kabal: "You know I need this to breath."
Johnny Cage: "Cigarettes will kill ya."

Kabal: "Sento against my hookswords?"
Kenshi: "I wouldn't want to break your respirator."
Kabal: "I wouldn't want to trip a blind man."

Kenshi: "Let's dual, Kabal."
Kabal: "Its your funeral, Kenshi."
Kenshi: "There can only be one."

Kabal: "Lin Kuei again, Kuai Liang? Poor decision."
Sub-Zero: "Grandmaster. We're reformed, Black Dragon thug."
Kabal: "Ex-Black Dragon."

Sub-Zero: "You're not fit to defend Earthrealm."
Kabal: "My speed will be the judge of that."
Sub-Zero: "The cold will slow you."

Kano: "This is your last chance, Kabal."
Kabal: "I'd rather be dead than join you again."
Kano: "Fair enough, mate."

Kabal: "You're going to pay for everything, Kano."
Kano: "I already gave you a new set of lungs."
Kabal: "Funny, you're going to need some."

Kabal: "You better be fast, cowboy."
Erron Black: "You just brought swords to a gun fight."
Kabal: "and I almost feel bad for you."

Erron Black: "Fast enough to dodge my draw?"
Kabal: "You have no idea."
Erron Black: "Enough talk then."

Goro: "Fight me, nomad!"
Kabal: "Big, dumb, and slow.. "
Goro: "You'll die slowly!"

Kabal: "Which arm comes off first?"
Goro: "Wounded human no match for a Shokan!"
Kabal: "I wanted your fury cousin but you'll do for now."
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Noob Saibot: You!
Smoke: Sub Zero
Noob Saibot: Better than you, Smoke.
Smoke: We sha'll see. Smoke is dead!

Shujinko: Shinnok!
Shinnok: Ah, the former champion of the Elder Gods
Shujinko: Damashi is right.
Shinnok: Damashi will fail as well.

In regards to Shinnok knowing about the original timeline based on his mirror match interactions...
Some ideas for Onaga.

Kotal Kahn: Outworld no longer belongs to you.
Onaga: I will take back everything that once belongs to me.
Kotal Kahn: I won't allow that to happen.

Onaga: I have to return to reclaim Outworld as Emperor
Kotal Kahn: Outworld no longer needs you.
Onaga: You leave me no choice, but to fight.

I kinda suck when it comes to making vs intros.
Mileena- What, is the meaning of this
Reiko- Did you really think I loved you
Mileena- *Primal Scream*

Reiko- You are not fit to Rule Mileena
Mileena- I am Shao Kahn's Daughter, his Heir
Reiko- You're a child in a grown woman's body

Kira- Sonya, how about a trade for Kano
Sonya- I don't make deal, especially with Black Dragon
Kira- So you don't want your daughter back?

Sonya- I got a cell next to Kano for you
Kira- That's fine, we'll just escape together
Sonya- Not where I'm placing you
Taven: Lord Shinnok
Shinnok: Taven
Taven: What is the meaning of this?
Shinnok: You must always be tested.

Havik: You fool!
Quan Chi: The great cleric of chaos...
Havik: You're no match against chaos

Also, what about Street Fighter custom intros, or what if there ever was an SFxMK game. How would the SF characters interact with the MK characters?
Johnny: You are silent, but deadly.
Fujin: You honor me, Johnny Cage.
Johnny: It's what I do.
Sindel: Bow before your queen!
Jade: Pfft. You are no longer my queen.
Sindel: How dare you?!

Kitana: I will not hesitate to attack, Jade.
Jade: Come now, Kitana. Be reasonable.
Kitana: You should know me better by now.

Kitana: You're alive?
Jade: I've returned to reclaim Edenia.
Kitana: As its ruler? Never!

Jade: Edenian scum.
Tanya: Did you miss me?
Jade: I missed beating you.

Tanya: Let us put our differences aside.
Jade: I could never trust you.
Tanya: Fair enough.

Skarlet: I have found you, Princess.
Kitana: Who are you?
Skarlet: Your demise.

Mileena: Mother!
Sindel: Kitana is my only true daughter!
Mileena: *growls* She was always your favorite..

Mileena: You are the hideous one!
Kitana: Fool, I'm not a mirror.
Mileena: What did you say to me?! *growls*
Tanya: Follow me Liu Kang. I can give you what Kitana cannot.
Liu Kang: My heart only belongs to Kitana.
Tanya: Oh well. I guess I'll have to use force then.

Kung Jin: Takeda... I have something to tell you...
Takeda: I know... You want me. Sorry but I don't swing that way.
Kung Jin: Sorry but I have to get what I want!

Tanya: How's it going Jade?
Jade: Shut your mouth traitor!
Tanya: Sure. I'll let my fists do the talking then.

Kano: *blows a kiss (pursed lips)* Oh I can't wait to do you.
Jade: Sure, but my stick will have to do you first.
Kano: Then whatcha waiting for babe? Come and get me!
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The Tanya/Kitana intros are similar

Not at all. Literally nothing whatsoever. Almost every character calls her a traitor, doesn't make this similar to all intros. I came up with this via scratch.
Anyway, I got a few more.

Kitana: "The dream walker.."
Freddy Krueger: "Nap well, princess?"
Kitana: "You will be the one taking a dirt nap!"

Scorpion: "I know you.."
Forest Fox: "Yes, Hanzo, You trained me."
Scorpion: "You murdered my people!"

Ashrah: "Quan Chi."
Quan Chi: "What do you need, hellwalker?
Ashrah: "You are the one I seek."

Shinnok: "The demon killer.."
Ashrah: "Slaying you will be my final job!"
Shinnok: "If you can.."
In the next MK fighting game, I hope that the dialogue between Hanzo and Kuai are now a bit more friendly this time.

Scorpion: Grandmaster!
Sub-Zero: Care for an honorable bout?
Scorpion: I accept, but this time with no animosity.

Sub-Zero: Master Hanzo.
Scorpion: Let's see if you're still got the cold edge?
Sub-Zero: Challenge accepted.

These are more if certain kombatants make their return after a very long absence.

Li Mei: Prepare for kombat, Ms. Cage!
Cassie: Wish I can fight like that in your age....
Li Mei: It's all dedication and commitment.

Cassie: Thanks for helping out the General.
Li Mei: You don't have to be so formal towards me.
Cassie: (sarcasm) As you wish, ma'am.

Kung Jin: Lord Fujin.
Fujin: I'm here to test your skills.
Kung Jin: I'll be honored to defeat you.

Fujin: What have you become?
Raiden: More vigilant and proactive, my friend.
Fujin: Then as your friend, I have no choice but to stop you.

Raiden: Stand aside, Fujin!!
Fujin: Not until you stop this madness.
Raiden: Madness?! I don't think so.....

Fujin: Don't make me do this, Raiden....
Raiden: I WILL destroy all who harms Earthrealm, intentionally or not!!
Fujin: Elder Gods, please grant me strength.

Raiden: You're no match against me.
Fujin: I'll do what I must for the inhabitants of all the realms.
Everyone knows that Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, and Shinnok will be back sooner or later. Also, would be cool to have Shang Tsung's true form in a game...
Daegon: Momma's boy...
Takeda: Don't you mention her!
Daegon: She smelled like fear, just like you.

Takeda: Murderer, prepare for justice!
Daegon: I'll whip you with your own chains, boy!
Takeda: This is for you, mom!

Daegon: Finally caught up with me...
Kenshi: I've prepared for this battle for years.
Daegon: Then come, taste the power of a God!

Kenshi: Not so tough without your dragon?
Daegon: My dragon was tough enough for Suchin!
Kenshi: You...bastard!

Daegon: Big brother..... join me in reclaiming our legacy!
Taven: You destroyed all that our father had planned for Edenia!
Daegon: That is why the sons of Argus must stand united once more.

I suck at these intros, I know ;))
Taven : It is time for judgement day brother.
Daegon : Ha you are right.
Taven : My blade is ready for you.

Taven : Takeda is looking for you.
Daegon : Why ?
Taven : Because you killed his mom.

Taven : Get out of my way Johnny.
Johnny Cage : Why are you so upset ?
Taven : The end of all is coming.

Johnny Cage : The son of Argie.
Taven : That is Argus fool.
Johnny Cage : We are on the same side right ?

Taven : Protect my realm Raiden.
Raiden : That is only if you agree with me.
Taven : I always do.

Taven : Raiden.
Raiden : Argus did not die in Vain.
Taven : No but the one who killed him will.

Havik : Wind God
Fujin : Is all the pieces still intact ?
Havik : You spoken your last words Fujin.

Fujin : The Kamidogu is not here Havik.
Havik : Yes but the Jinsei is.
Fujin : You can't have the Jinsei.

Rain : I will stop you.
Fujin : By the gods you won't.
Rain : I am a god.

Fujin : The fallen half god.
Rain : The sidekick to Raiden.
Fujin : I will banish you Rain.
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Erron Black: End of the line Kobra.

Kobra: Fighting me with a six shooter, Really?

Erron Black: Only need one to put you down.

Kobra: I'm Stronger and Faster.

Erron Black: Doesn't matter, a bullets a bullet.

Kobra: Not with broken fingers.

Nitara: Die Emperor!

Kotal Kahn: Vampiric fool, I command the Sun!

Nitara: One that shall set.

Kotal Kahn: Why do you provoke me Vampire?

Nitara: You tyranny over my people ends now!

Kotal Kahn: The only ending shall be your life!

Frost: Time for a rematch Cage!

Cassie Cage: C'mon Elsa, let it go.

Frost: I swear to god I'm gonna kill you.

Cage:Why are you here Frost?

Frost: To bury you.

Cage: Ooooh, so you wanted your ass kicked.
TriBorg (Sektor)- Tremor, Deserter of the Lin Kuei
Tremor- I was Banished from the Grandmaster; your Father
TriBorg (Sektor)- It matters not, Automation or Death are you option

Tremor- What has become of the Lin Kuei
Triborg- We became deadlier, Killing Machines
Tremor- *laughs* And I will kill the machine

Liu Kang- It is time to teach the Master
Bo' Rai Cho- *drinks* I taught you a lot, but not everything
Liu Kang- Allow me to show you, what I've learned

Bo' Rai Cho- I will bring you back to the Light
Liu Kang (Dark Emperor)- NO, you will not, this is who I was meant to be
Bo' Rai Cho- Then my Old friend, this is were formalities & friendships end