What games will you be getting in 2019?


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MK11 is obvious so posting that will seem redundant but if you are interested in anything else this year than share it below. BTW it doesn't have to be a game releasing in 2019 but just a game that you plan to purchase this year.

My list so far
1. RE2 remake (already own it )
2. Kingdom hearts 3
3. Metro exodus
4. Sekiro Shadows die twice
5. Devil may cry 5 (Maybe ...)
6. Days gone (Huge...Maybe depends on how well it's received )
7. Shenmue 3 (Plz come out this year !!!)

I want to add more to the list but games like the last of us 2, death stranding, and ghost of tsushima have no release dates yet. They're all heavily rumoured to be releasing this year though. I'll add more when I get more concrete info.


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My backlog is ridiculous right now, but in terms of what I plan to buy (aside from the obvious):
-Fire Emblem Three Houses
-Death Stranding
-Shenmue 1-3 (if I get the chance)
-Yakuza Kiwami 2
-Resident Evil for Nintendo Switch (I always buy RE1)
-The Last of Us 2 (If it comes out)

[Added 2/14/19]
-Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
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-Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (if it ever gets released this year)
-Dead or Alive 6
-Persona Q2
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Farcry New Dawn
Mortal Kombat 11

All of them have been pre-ordered.

Currently working on beating Resident Evil 2, but I want to savor it because unlike so many people, I don't want to rush through the game. My fiance also has Kingdom Hearts 3, so it's a bit hard to share our PS4 right now.


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The new expansion for Hearts of Iron IV (got it as a gift)
MK 11 if I like the roster

That's it. I don't buy many games these days and my GPU is on its last legs anyway.


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Mortal Kombat 11 is a give. Looking forward to that the most. But I'll be spending a lot of time in World of Warcraft Classic once it releases as well. That's going to be a nostalgia kick for sure.


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Looking forward to buy new Age of Wonders Planetfall, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and maybe Gears 5. I already bought Path of Exile for PS4 recently but still prefer playing pc version because I'm more familiar with interface. Besides you can use services like this for powerleveling and boosting which is really handy.


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I'd figured I update my game list since it's been nothing but crickets around here....

Death stranding
Shenmue 3
Doom eternal
Control ( if it's good...)
Blood staind ( Already own it )
I passed up on DMC5 and days gone so consider these games as their replacements. Most if not all the games I care about releases in November ( god forbid publishers be reasonable and spread out their releases ...) I'm still salty about Shenmue 3 getting delayed AGAIN! /rant.
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Bought the Return To Arkham collection which is just the first 2 games, for $8 on PSN, which was cheap as hell.
(I had never previously played those Batman games.)
I'll still buy Spider-Man if it's at a good deal by Black Friday, but I'm in no real rush to get it.

In all honesty, I'm more focused on MK11 and Dishonored 2 as far as the majority of my gaming time is concerned, and if the rumors / data mining of Fujin being in via KP2 are true, then maybe around my Birthday next year I'll finally be getting the windy boi in a current-gen MK.

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I'll probably get Samurai Shodown on PS4 for my birthday. I've only played the original game, and never got around to playing the rest of the franchise.