What does a guy have to get his book popular?


I have a new book up here I posted, Raiku, and on Deviantart. I am having trouble getting it enough attention. I mean, I've mentioned it on forums, and anything that exposes a book. I was wondering if anyone had something to share?
Is your writing actually finished and published? Deviantart is primarily an amateur community, and while you can post writing over there, it heavily favors visual art. TRMK hasn't been that active while, and is mostly composed of video game enthusiasts than people who are into writing. then You are probably better off posting in a community dedicated to creative writing; perhaps not get fame, but you will have better chance at getting more exposure.
I would say fictionpress, but stuff posted there just gets buried.

If it's fanfiction, then fanfiction.net can be hit or miss. Sometimes you get huge, other times people don't spare you a second glance.