What Do YOU Want To Know?


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Guys I have made this thread so you can post the questions you want answered. Just post your questions and I will pick 1 or 2 a day and ask on the Injustice Facebook page. If I pick your question, you will see a thanks from me on your post and if they answer my question I will send you a private message with the answer first then I will post it here. They answer most questions and they answer them fast so an answer should be here within 1 or 2 days. Ask your questions and let me know what YOU want to know, I wont let you guys down!!!!! :):):):):)

Thanks to user CryHavok for helping me come up with this idea :)
Are you well connected? Do you have better chances of getting your questions answered than us?
When will MK10 come out?

When will MK10 be shown?

Who will be in MK10?

Will brutalities be in MK10?

Stop for one second, and actually think to yourself; Are they really going to answer those questions? Let alone even acknowledge them?