Week In Review

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Sorry about the lack of updates this week. We had a communications mix up and it seems like no one updated. I'm back from my vacation, so lets get some of this out of the way.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Kitana in Home Versions</B><BR>There seems to be quite a big fiasco surrounding Kitana and her appearances due to some nifty utilization of Game Shark codes. First off, Kitana was in the early development stages of MK4 and was ready to be put in as a secret character. When she was cut from later productions, however, most of her code, 3D models, and sounds were left in, but were made inaccessable through normal gameplay. If you want to experiment with this, head on over to the <A HREF="http://www.cmgsccc.com/">GSCCC</A> (url fixed).</LI><BR><BR>
<LI><B>MK4 PC Rumors</B><BR>There seems to be rumors that Midway Home Entertainment will be making updates and patches to the codebase for Mortal Kombat 4 for the PC. I earlier stated that Eurocom had moved on to other projects and could not make updates, however I didn't rule out that Midway could make the updates themselves. More info on that later. Also in addition to Shinnok's missing frozen model, <B>Patrick McCarron</B> noticed that Quan Chi's is missing also.</LI><BR><BR>
<LI><B>CompUSA MK4 PC at $19.99*</B><BR>CompUSA has Mortal Kombat 4 at a list price of $39.99 - $20 mail in rebate for the PC version. If you haven't bought it yet, now is a good time.</LI><BR><BR>
<LI><B>MK4 N64 Rocks Rental Charts</B><BR>MK4 for the Nintendo<sup>64</sup> has been busting out on the latest rental charts recorded by the VSDA, coming in <B>First</B> last week, and then coming in second behind <B>Banjo-Kazooie</B> for this week.</LI><BR><BR>
Again, I'd like to apologize for the mishap over this last week. I'm catching up on e-mail, so if you didn't receive a response to your e-mail that you sent this week, check your mailbox.