Website with the many of the Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Game Art Pictures


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Website with lots of MK Deadly AlliancePictures

Hello, since some days i am working on something like an "online" MKDA Krypt


I use the ps2 emulator to make screenshots of the loading screens, profiles, endings, all the pictures from the krypt and other gamemodes

Dont expect a lot yet, i just started with the MKDA Krypt, i will update this thread when i am done with the profiles, endings and around 160 pictures uploaded + described

Many of these pictures arent online anywhere yet it seems, or they are there in a small resolution

I hope my site can be interesting and useful for other long time MK fans like myself

It takes a lot of time to make the many many screenshots, name them..resize them etc so the project will probably be done in 1-2 weeks ..currently i uploaded 40 pictures already but havent uploaded the krypt unlockables yet.. alone the many profiles, arena, ending and loading screens take hours already

Also a part of my idea of an online MKDA krypt are the old official wallpapers and chosen fanarts related to MKDA.

thought some people of trmk could use some of the images..hope the thread is okay

greets, gbk

Ps: Before i started with the MKDA "online Krypt" i made the same for Mortal Kombat Deception already which is quite finished and has all the loading screens, profiles, endings, official wallpapers and nearly all unlockable krypt game artworks of the game


It can be seen here: