We demand Hara Kiri!

Hara Kiri was an excellent finisher, it suits MK perfectly and now it is gone. NRS bring it back! Let's create a hype strong enough to return Hara Kiri as DLC or at least in MK10. Damn, it was definately the best improvement from a few latest MK's and it should stay as permanent as regular fatalities.



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Only if the winner can control it they were cool in MKD but the loser shouldn't have control

Immortal Reaver

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I think they should be in but they can't do them for 3 seconds. That way it gives the winner a chance to do a fatality if they want to. If they can't get the fatality in time, the other person can do a hara-kiri.

Noob Saibot 2011

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Hara Kiri's were awesome in deception. Imagine how they would look in mk9:

Throws sword in the air and lets it impale his face

Pulls out his heart and falls to his knees

Kung Lao:
Throws hat in the air and falls back down cutting Lao completely in half

Punches his head from both sides letting it explode with blood

Aims missile's at himself

Holds grenade in the air and stays still until the grenade explodes leaving an arm on the ground

Tomahawk's himself

Liu Kang:
Rips his head off

Throws both fans in the air letting them come back down to chop off both arms.

Impales herself with her own pole

Shang Tsung:
Lets his captured souls loose allowing them to destroy him

Johnny cage:
Split kick himself in the face a couple of times until it falls off

Sub Zero:
Freezes himelf on the head. Falls down to the ground letting it collide with the ground leaving Zero with no head

Hookswords his liver. then falls back leaving blood everywhere

Hope these werent too bad lol. just thought of these from the top of my head ;)
^ Good ones. My ideas:

Noob Saibot:
He orders his shadow clone to kill him or both Noob & clone suffocate each other to death

She removes lower arms with higher ones , then she rips off her head

He looks in the mirror unmasked, then his soul abandons his body and runs away

He detonates his gasoline supplies to die in fire

He spits large acid ball out in the air above him, which melts him after fall

Quan Chi:
He creates a giant green skull, then puts his head into the jaws and make them acting like a guillotine


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No, I didn't like that crap. This game is far too good a fighter to have even more finishers. I got bored of them after the first week. The 10 seconds spent watching that shit could have been enjoyed more in play time.


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hara kiris should be done by the loser so the winner doesnt kill them
so instead of watchin da player input a fatality combination the loser can take steps to avoid that

This is proably ed boon's thought process when hara kiris were made..
if the winner had the ability to do hara kiris it should be super hard to do only for the winner btw u cant force some1 to commit suicide
the loser should jus hit like 3 buttons nd thts it


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I think that, during the Finish Him stage, the winner should be able to press..... LT/L2, and that opens up Hara Kiri's for the loser. Sort of a "Do you have the honor to finish yourself off?" type of dealio.


They were pretty stupid IMO.

I do like the idea of the loser having control. Kindof like a race during the fatality input time.

J. Valjean

One of the characters should pull out a cyanide pill, take it with a shot of water and wait 30 seconds while it works. AWESOME HARIKIRI.


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No thanks. NRS should spend their resources on other things, like DLC characters, alternative costumes and improving online.


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A waste of development time. More time on gameplay and characters.

And an irrational reason: I also don't think any character in the MK universe would willingly kill themself.


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A waste of development time. More time on gameplay and characters.

And an irrational reason: I also don't think any character in the MK universe would willingly kill themself.

I agree. And that's why Cyber Sub-Zero Cold Fusion Fatality makes no sense for me. He WON the fight! Why suicide to kill the opponent?