Was this game that bad?

Kingsonnn Dededoo

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Ok, a friend has a 360 with MK9 and this game. He allowed me to try the Story Mode and I reached The Joker's chapter and Sub Zero's with me watching the ending on Youtube.

Well, I know this game got a lot of critism from fans, but why that? I actually enjoyed the game. Sure, there were some parts that made me go "Oh dear lord, kill me now" but otherwise it's a perfectly normal crossover between two of the most famous series in the world.

Alright, some fatalities suck but what would you expect from something with DC Universe? We wouldn't want to see Batman or Superman decapitated or blown to pieces, don't we?

I'll sum what I said in a few phrases. Appart from some things that are really disapointing, was this game that bad?

That was just my opinion on the game. Thanks for your time :)

Dan Cowan

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I loved this game, I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. Haters gonna hate, but this was the game that introduced me to MK.


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What is "this" game.....took me a second to figure out you were talking bout MK vs DC lol

yeah me too lol...
anyways, my opinion about Mk vs Dc is about the same as yours.
only two things, one, ALL of the fatalities in this game suck, and two, i'd really enjoy watching that ***** catwoman getting splitted in half or lex luthor getting decapitated! that would be awsome!


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Ya they're making a new one too.......Scarlett will be in it, and her "Finishing Move" is, she pulls out a tampon and soaks up all that blood she is made out of to keep the violence level down.

Kurtis Stryker

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A lot of people don't like it, because its a cross-over game. We could have gotten a full-fledged MK game. Instead, we got a PG-13 game with super heroes. Nothing about MK is PG-13.

Also, the game play wasn't that great. I hate Free-Fall Kombat and Rage mode.

I enjoyed playing as Deathstroke, and Harley Quinn would have enhanced the game. But, this entry was the lowest point of the entire series. I dread the possibility of a sequel.


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It wasn't a bad game, it was just a crossover no one really wanted to see. DC fans didn't want any MK in their superhero game, and MK fans didn't want a watered down T rated MK game. However Midway was on its last legs and they thought it would be a big seller. From what I read, it was, but not enough to save the company. I know Boon for one was really disappointed they weren't able to do any of the DLC they wanted to do.


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they couldn't do DLC as MIDWAY went out of business! It was doomed from the start!

I like the game! it still has Fatality's yes even T-Rated! But it was fun at the time...

In many ways there is too much Blood in the New MK game out now. So much that the characters get covered in so much blood u can't even see what they look like afterwards... Now thats INSANE blood!




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I LOVE THIS GAME! But, I hope they do tweaks on Jade and Mileena for them to be quicker and more responsive to the controller inputs. They usually are delayed sometimes.


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MK vs. DC wasn't bad, it wasn't great either, but it was far from terrible. The main problem was that all the gore and brutal combat had to be removed because it was a super mature game mixed with super heroes. Sure, most of the blood was gone, but it was still MK. I think the main problem is that the 2 universes didn't mesh very well; IE: two fighters would work well, or another franchise that was very brutal, like say Dead Space or something. Not that I want a DS crossover (it would probably suck) but in terms of gore.

Also, I felt MK was kind of copying Capcom by doing a vs with a comic company. So, not very original. But it was fun, I admit.

Sky Valley

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Instead, we got a PG-13 game with super heroes. Nothing about MK is PG-13.

haha, but yeah, You mean the games I know.

MK VS DC wasnt exactly the worst game ever made as far as gameplay(It still sucks though)But as an official Mortal Kombat game,it was godawful. I hope they never jump the shark and do something that stupid again.


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I liked the game, just not the fatalities and heroic brutalities; even though the fighting did get boring for me after a while.


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i hated that it tried to pass as an MK game. i think it would have been ALOT better if it was simply a DC fighting game. Then the game would probably be praised


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Mileena and Jade were not in MK vs DCU. Characters from MK that were included: Sub-zero, Scorpion(of course), Raiden, Baraka, Kano, Kitana(?), Sonya and Liu Kang if I remember correctly.