Wandering Days


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Wandering Days Prologue

Peaceful days such as these always made the tall, muscular Spaniard smile with happiness; not a full grin like a fool of any sort but a small curve of the lips to symbolize his happiness. His sister, *Maria, always commented that his smile was the best charm.

"If you smiled more often certainly flocks of women would fall for you," his sister teased one day as they had walked the streets of Espana.

True, he could smile and charm the women if he wanted to but in truth, Miguel Callebero Rojo had little things to smile about throughout his life. Running away from his strict and religious family since he was a teen was anything but easy. His rebellious lifestyle of fighting was a destructive path. Besting his enemies and even getting into fights were the other opponent was beyond recognition afterwards. Miguel fought for no cause at the time, just viscously fighting like a rapid dog perhaps out of amusement.

Yes maybe that was the reason as Miguel sipped his beer in the usual over-heated bar. In his growing youth, Miguel had realized that living by a set routine commanded by other people was not the way he had wanted to live. He preferred to make his own decisions and handle his business they way HE wanted to. If he wanted to start a bar fight with some wanna-be tough guys in another bar he would . As long as he lived by his way, Miguel never mind a brawl of any sort.

His life unfiltered with responsibilities, fighting to survive or pass time. A risk worth taken until that dreaded day. Miguel was always protective of Maria; for another man to take that away drove Miguel over the edge. After Maria had told the older Rojo about the marriage, he went on a drunken rage fighting anyone dumb enough to cross his path. It was after the sixth broken jaw that he shattered for Miguel to realize that this was his sister's happiness. Anything to see her bright smile, even if it was some other guy, was enough for Miguel.

On that day, he had been viewing from his afar in an outside cafe to minimize the chances of encountering his Mama and Papa. Miguel raised his whines glass as he saw his beautiful sister Maria steps out from the church.

Before the loud explosion was the whooshing sound of jets sprinting through the clear summer sky disrupting the happy scene. Multiple flashes and explosions later had turned the beautiful summer wedding into an eerie crimson crash cite.

Miguel wasted no time to clear the rumble to get to his beloved sister's side. After the frantic search he found the torn, dirty wedding dress of his sister as she laid there with her eyes closed and body stiff. Surreal as it was, Miguel knew this nightmare was real.
Holding his lifeless sister in this abstract version of his own personal hell made Miguel bellow into the sky with sorrow.


'There was absolutely no reason for Maria to die' Miguel thought as he stumbled through the chaotic streets of his home country. Something as beautiful and spectacular as his sister was taken away from him. For what reason was there for this!? Why!? Why!? Why!?

Through his tears Miguel had begun to repeatedly bunch a nearby brick wall out if anger and confusion. He continued to beat the wall until he was satisfied until he heard a distinct static noise coming from down the street. Turning his head to the nearly broken television set, Miguel heard the news caster address an announcement through the off and on static reception of the tv.

"{bzzt} Catholic Church... {bzzt} several dead... {bzzt} declaration of... {bzzzzzt}"

Miguel kicked the television a couple of times until the colored news report came back to announce, "Today at a Catholic Church a bombing took place leaving several dead due to the recent declaration of war by Mishima Zaibatsu CEO Jin Kazama."

The reporter droned on as Miguel looked backed to the demolished church in utter confusion. Declaration of war? But...

Miguel stumbled on the sidewalk as firefighters and police rushed by him. No matter how much he tried to grasp that some CEO would declare war on Spain was out of the question. Miguel placed a shaky hand on his head as he felt a wave a nausea pass through him. As if stopping him from spilling his guts on the street, Miguel felt a crinkle of paper under his touch. As he glanced at the object on the wall and saw that it was a poster promoting an event.

'Sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament hosted by Jin Kazama.'

Like a dry stick, Miguel snapped. His vision had converted into red, his teeth and fists clenching in anger. Of all the things in his life Miguel could have never accept such a thing! His sister died for some unknown declaration of war and this puta has the nerve to still host a tournament!?

Yelling at the top of his lungs Miguel threw his fist into the poster breaking the brick wall pattern. He would make this Jin Kazama suffer. As his blood ran down his freshly cut open knuckles, Miguel vowed to have the enemy's blood on his hand.

"Maria! I will bring him down and kill him, for you!" Miguel shouted as he stormed off to the bar to pack his bags for the tournament. 'I will put a stop to him,' Miguel thought as he clenched the flyer for his upcoming revengeful quest.


"Come back here!" Miguel screamed. He was close to him yet had more ground to cover and soldiers to go through. The hired guns could not possibly stop Miguel as he powered through them getting closer and closer to that bastard Jin Kazama.

Shaking off several guards at once with incredible power Miguel sprinted to the helipad where Jin's helicopter was nearing take. Mustering all his speed Miguel bounced off his foot and reached for the landing gear of the helicopter and ...


The landing gear was just out of reach off his grasp leaving Miguel to plummet back onto the helipad. Miguel began to emotionally crack as the sound of the helicopter began to fade off into the distance. He involuntarily fell to his knees as he let out the loudest scream he could muster. He yelled because he was hurt. Yelled because there was no vengeance. Miguel yelled because he had failed.
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