Video game reviews... by you!


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Inspired by a thread like this but with movies (Can't find it, so I can't give you a link). Basically, the idea, obviously, is to pick a video game you've played recently or memorized for certain reason, and give a review out of 10 on that game, stating it's pros, cons, whatever you want to put. I'll go first.


Dead Island

I just got this game a few days ago, but I can say that it is a very fun game. The idea of the game is you select one of four characters, each with their different expertise, and fight off waves of zombies as you level up with side quest to get out of Banoi, New Guinea. It is a first-person open world action RPG game, and you can use blunt weapons, sharp weapons, and firearms. While most of the negative parts come from all the glitches, they aren't really that bad. My cousin's disk has a problem where every time he turned it on, his data became corrupted, and must start over every time he starts the game up. Now, while that is a bad glitch, everything else isn't really that bad. The leveling up system is very good, and the game play is very addicting and fun, with varying results every time you play as a different character, and even just replaying the campaign with the same character.
My major problem is that people you don't know can randomly join you, which can be good or bad, because they might just end up not doing what you want to do, and this can be a problem if you want to move on to a different area. However, there is a single player where people can't join you randomly, so it's not really that negative.
All in all, I highly recommend this game, and suggest, at the very least, a rental.

Score: 9/10
Pros: Fun Game play, unique results every play through, decent leveling up system
Cons: Some minor and major glitches, random multi-player.​