Video game pick ups of 2020


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You know the drill, new year,new games, new consoles ps5 and xbox series x. This year is going to be bonkers! Make your list. Here's mine...

1. Resident evil 3 remake
2. Streets of rage 4
3. Final fantasy 7 remake
4. Cyberpunk
5. Doom eternal
6. Last of us 2
7. Ghost of Tsushima
8. Whatever Bluepoints new PS5 game is (rumoured demon souls remake )
9. PlayStation 5
10. Launch ps5 games list to be continued...


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I'm looking forward for the PS5 and it's BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. I have PS2 and PS3 games I have sitting for awhile. I barely can play the PS4 since it's not really mine (it's my brother's).

As of new games, maybe Resident Evil 3 Remake. Still waiting for new violent games.

I also hope there will be a classic console version of the Dreamcast with some games in the console while I can still put my other Dreamcast CDs of games for me to play.


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As with the other threads, I'll update this as needed.

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons
2. Final Fantasy VII Remake (This is a maybe depending on fan feedback of the story cause Kalm and beyond s***s on Midgar.)
3. TLOU 2 (I need spoilers knowing exactly why continue the story when the original plan was not to. If the sequel is unnecessary its a skip.)
4. Death Stranding (Only at $20 or less)
5. Days Gone (Only at $20 or less)
6. Wasteland 3 (Depends on how busy I am with life)
7. Ghost of Tsushima (On sale)


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Ok, so I picked:
- Cyberpunk
- Animal Crossing New Horizons
- Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
- Rainbow six: Quarantine
- Ghost of Tsushima