Video Footage from the Final Build of MK vs DCU

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Jeff Greeson

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<a href="">True Game Headz</a> has posted what they claim to be <a href="">footage from the "final build"</a> of <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe</a>. During the video you get to see the first look at the game's single player cinematic scenes. During the clip you see <b>Kano</b> and <b>The Flash</b> battling it out before the actual fight begins. Appears to be a big step ahead from previous single player campaign videos we've seen before. You also see some fight footage of <b> Captain Marvel </b> (who is actually named that in-game) for the first time. You can also hear <b>MK Producer Hector Sanchez</b> talking about the game in the background.

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Words cannot express.
Great step up from the MKA menu screen.
The cutscene looks amazing, love how it flows straight into the fight too.
Captain Marvel is called Captain Marvel, and looks like an awesome character in-game too.
Facial Shots of Baraka and Lex Luthor, all we've seen so far.
Is that the Watchtower stage? or the Green Lantern one?
The cutscene looks amazing, love how it flows straight into the fight too.

That's EXACTLY how I envisioned it when I thought they'd go to Unreal Engine 3. And was SO pleased to see that transition made it into the game. It really helps for the feel of the game I believe. WTG Midway! I can't wait to get my hands on this.
Awesome can`t wiat until the game!
I`m really excited for this game, especially with the Story Mode and cutscenes, a REALLY big step from Armageddon, and I love the menu, lets hope it continues to be this way in MK9.
Cap looks so awesome! It seems like they captured his essence perfectly. And the cutscenes! Yes! I need this game, now!
So good to finally see some footage of Captain Marvel and it doesn't disapoint! Definitely looks like he's going to kick some ass :) The cutscenes looked a lot better then the screenshots we've been seeing and flowed brilliantly into the fight. So excited now!!
Very cool, love the transition from FMV to fighting sequence=PERFECT!!

LOL@Kano like WTF? are you dodging my infamous eye laser, can't do that

Flash: ummm, yes I can...I'm the FLASH afterall, fastest thing alive in all of fiction, comics, games and movies remember? duhh lol

Kano:Let's just fight damn it!




Loved it
Awesome. I would've liked to see Lex, but this game is going to blow them out of the water.
Looks great. i absolutely love how it goes from the cutscene straight into the match. Very MGS4ish there. Way to use the unreal 3 engine.

Luther looks pretty badass in his character select picture. I wish we could have seen some of him.

Interesting arenas too. A temple that goes out into Gotham I am guessing? Then some sort of space station?
The most background discussion I heard was stuff about TVs, anybody hear anything of interest?

Nothing that we didnt know really. Only that Kahn and Darkseid are the only unlockable characters and that there are other characters in story mode that arent playable or playable against (see Quan Chi screenshot.)
Well they tell us HOW to unlock Kahn and Darkseid. That's new info. I love the way Cap. Marvel plays. They really nailed him dead on, but then again they nailed everybody in this game.
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