Video Cam Footage from New Character Announcement

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Jeff Greeson

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<b>GameSpot</b> is over in <b>Leipzig, Germany</b> for <b>Games Convention 08</b> and shot this video camera footage of the four new characters announcement of <b>Wonder Woman</b>, <b>Deathstroke</b>, <b>Raiden</b> and <b>Kano</b> in <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe</a>. When each character was announced, their render was flashed on the screen, showing a glimpse of the art direction for each character.
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This video would be completely unnecessary if <b>Midway</b> would have just released all of the renders at once, but alas, we are only treated with the one render of <b>Wonder Woman</b>.
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OMG, Raiden looks BAD ASS.

Cant really see Deathstroke too well, and Kano looks like....MK the Movie Kano, lol.
I think the guys a Raiden fan. Lol.

Announcer: "Raiden"
Guy on stage: (whispers) Raiden.

He didn't do it for any other characters.

He jumped when they said "deathstroke", it must be the voice. XD
Take a larger peek...

I've never been a fan of raiden's cape. He looks too ... I'm not sure how to describe it.
By the way, it looks like he won't be having sleeves.
Raiden looks terrific as always. Kano looks...just like the movie Kano hair and all. And Deathstroke looks BAD. ASS. Sword and all! Can't wait to get my hand on 'im.
They all look nasty. i could thnk of someone better than Kano, but hell do. Hes not as bad as Jax. would've proffered Baraka or Kahn.

Deathstroke sounds awesome. Im going to have to go see what this guys alll about.
Deathstroke must have been "one of the characters we wouldn't expect".

Did anyone even guess that Deathstroke would be in it? I never heard of him but he seems really cool, almost like DC's version of Deadpool.
I guessed it. I think it was "leaked" as well. There were rumors of Deathstroke long before this and damn am I glad they were true.
I've never been a fan of raiden's cape. He looks too ... I'm not sure how to describe it.

I agree. I just want regular ol' bad ass Raiden, with the electricity pulsating through him. Not mythical elder god lookin crap.

end rant.
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