"Vice-Versa" Characters


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Ever wonder how a certain character can be absolutely beast in the hands of the AI, yet despite practicing like crazy they just utterly suck as player characters? I'm curious to see what everyone thinks. Prime examples for me:

Noob - A special move spamming, lightning quick machine in the hands of the AI. As a player character, IMO, he utterly sucks. I spent 40 minutes practicing with him and learning everything he can do, and yet got pwned on Medium AI. I've beaten the game with most characters, and haven't gotten thrashed with anyone as much as I do with Noob. Somehow when he's not AI controlled he loses all of that speed and power. Kinda sucks since he's one of my all-around favorites design and story-wise.

Reptile - A true monster powerhouse in the AI's control...I've actually seen people saying he's too powerful and should be nerfed. In player hands I personally think he sucks. Granted, I haven't given him a lot of time, I want to learn him a bit more, but so far he's one of my worst.

I would say i'm pretty damn decent at this game so far, can't say much when it comes to playing other people (PS3 :???:), but these two characters seem to be night and day when it comes to being controlled by AI and controlled by a player. What little online time I did get in saw that Reptile was a poorly used character by other people as well.

Note that this isn't a "waaaaa I suck with soandso" thread, but I'm curious to see if anyone else has experienced this in their gameplay.
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I personally love Reptile, my second best after Ermac. He's a beast but he isn't the easiest to just hop on and start destroying people. I wasn't crazy about him at first but I kept at it and I love him now. I don't really like the way noob plays so I haven't spent any time with him yet.
I personally think Quan Chi is a "vice-versa" character. He's a boss in AI control, but when you try to play as him it's just not the same.
i think noob is great, i can only do a couple small combos, maybe 5-6hits (aside from his throw i mean)
that's what I figured for Reptile. I really want to try and learn him some more. I don't think I gave him enough practice time before I determined that he sucks for me.

I stand by Noob though. I'll practice with him some more but for me, he just seems to lack the ability to close on an opponent. I think its mainly to do with the fact that the AI instantly avoids moves when you do them (Black Hole, Teleport Grab) whereas when the AI does them, it happens way too fast for you to react.
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Shang Tsung for sure. It's like he can morph into anyone when I'm fighting him. ;)

This for me. I can't play with Shang Tsung, and yet the CPU effortless does all of these combos and quickly turns into other characters like it's on a coke high or something.
This for me. I can't play with Shang Tsung, and yet the CPU effortless does all of these combos and quickly turns into other characters like it's on a coke high or something.

Keep in mind that when you face Shang on the arcade ladder, he's a Boss, so he's harder and cheaper than usual. Like Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn, Shang also has a few "Miraculous Golden Shield of Invincibility LAWLZ" moments, though nowhere near as many as Kahn.
wow i thought reptile was very easy to grasp, i played him for like 20 mins in vs and i was wrecking the ai, but yah quan chi seems insane in the hands of the computer... he can always catch me with that teleport stomp when im jumping and when i try it on ladder or in vs i always miss my opponent
I hate characters like these. For me they are Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, and sometimes, I have a tough time with Sheeva.
137-14 with Reptile, so much for your idea of him sucking.

that many games with the same character?? .. how boring.
mix it up dude.. or are you one of those people who have to win all the time, and cant bare to lose,
so they use their main every game?
Well just remember, the AI doesn't actually need to INPUT combos. It's just done and thats it. Would we be as beast if we knew how to link combos perfectly and hit combos as fast as a computer can just say "GO"!!! Sure we could...