VH1's Heavy Metal Saturday

Final Night

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Anyone watch this yesterday? It was basically some older shows replayed, like 100 Most Metal Moments and When Metallica Ruled the World, and then the television debut of Metallica's Some Kind of Monster. There might have been a couple other shows, but that's all I caught.


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That was all i watched on Saturday. The 100 most mental moments were awesome, when metallica ruled the world was great, But the best thing VH1 has ever done was shown Some Kind of Monster commercial free.

Midget Kong

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already Watched 100 Metal Moments twice,and I was out on saturday otherwise I might have watched Some Kinda Monster.not too big a Tallica fan though.only thing I normally watch on VH1 (Or to be more specific VH1 Classic) is Metal Mania on Fridays at around 11:00 pm

that's where I get My video fix,unfortunatly I have to put up with Scum like Winger or a few other purdy motherF'ers,not that glam isn't cool or anything but shitty music sure ain't cool.but I deal with it..oh well...it's almost perfect and they play Exodus 8) .