VERY disappointed with the Official Mortal Kombat site!!!


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Am i the only only but i am very disappointed with the lack of updates on the official Mortal Kombat site. I was hoping this time that there would be a lot of great stuff available. Two weeks away from the release the are only 6 characters displayed...

What's your thought on this???
Too be honest with you i've never been to that site but once or twice i always come here for MK related stuff. But i agree it is the official site so it should have more info up or maybe they aren't putting anything up due to all the leaks who knows.
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The original sites ever disapoitings, really cool and pretty sites, full of videos and flash, but doesnt show the important thing.
The fans sites ever are the best, more ugly, but with more info. thats is important.


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Thats why you ditch the official sites, and only come to fan sites like this. Where updates and leaks are by the minute.


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Doesn't bother me as much because I rarely go onto the site, but you'd think that the official site would at least have a menu with all of the media that they've released, instead of just having stuff on the 6 kombatants (And even then, not all of the stuff as some people still have locked content and Shao Kahn doesn't even have any content up).

But maybe they'll have all of the content up after the game comes out (Which wouldn't make any sense, but still...)


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I have been there a few times. The whole site seems kinda cheap if you ask me. I would have thought they would/could have done better with it. /endrant


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Ever since their countdown fiasco, I just stuck with TRMK and other fansites. It became clear that the PR abandoned their idea in favor of releasing information through other channels. Oh well, MK has gone gold and will be released very soon. All of this won't matter in the long run.
I'm extremely disappointed by it! Still it only features six characters...well...let me take that back, more like 5 and a half... most game sites would have wallpaper, videos, voice clips, etc etc for every character by now... a lot of info on the game modes and mechanics, etc.

Very disappointed with it. Two weeks away and still nothing amazing on it.


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The official site was kind of a cool idea about six months ago, but they never updated anything on it, and add to that the fact that all the info about the game came out of sites like TRMK; and it just became pointless in a hurry.


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lol i went to that site like two times, and after i saw it i stopped going to that site.. this site is just a joke..


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Their inability to keep their own website current brought most of us to TRMK. I'd say best thing they've done in a long time. Can't find a better community of people anywhere on the web.


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I can't say too much about it yet, but trust me, things will get better soon. At least on the official forums. Keep an eye out!


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If their site didn't suck we wouldn't be here, forming the greatest MK community out there : ) Official websites are usually like that, pretty but not much info.


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Well i'm confused on what happened to the ranking rewards. They said when the site came out the people with the higher ranks would have info released about them. I know it doesn't matter this close to the release date because we know most info about the 6 characters except some shao kahn stuff but it'd have been nice to see a reward when it mattered.