UPDATE: Arcade Sticks and PS3 Pads WILL NOT Function on Playstation 4 Consoles


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I never cared about arcade sticks anyways. But I wish I could use a PS3 controller for PS4 though so I wouldn't need to spend cash just to play with people offline.


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You know I read the total opposite of this the other day. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest if you do have to buy i new set of peripherals.

Shame though, fightsticks are damn expensive controllers lol


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Although it's a bummer considering how expensive those joysticks can be, I never expected any type of controller meant for one console to be compatible with another.


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Kinda sucks, but I bet someone will make an adapter to connect them.

I don't use fight sticks, but I will probably buy an adapter for the Hori fightpad I have if Street Fighter V comes out on next gen.