Upcoming patch - Deathstroke Nerf / Buff plus others


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I asked Pako Stevens (Colt on TYM?) about Deathstroke's changes for the patch coming with Batgirl on Tuesday. He was kind enough to answer my question. Here is the response that all of you are curious about.

"ds changes are -9 on low gunshot (from -4), slightly less falling after ags, less chip on lgs, ss isn't punishable on hit anymore its +4 now" --- Pakostevens on Kombat Network chat.

So I assume that Low Shots will have 5 more frames of recovery, which is devastating (unless he was talking about block stun?), especially considering the chip damage reduction too. I think these changes are undoubtedly an overkill and can potentially ruin the character, but we shall see how everything plays out on Tuesday. I am, however, unsure what those aforementioned numbers are referring to. Low Shots have never been -4 on block. They are approximately -12 when blocked at point blank range. Green Lantern gets free lift (10F) while The Flash gets free charge (11F).

I am also uncertain what "slightly less falling after ags" means. Will aerial gun shots have a quicker recover because you fall faster to the ground?

Sword Spin will be +4 on hit at all times. That is unquestionably a nice buff.

Various observed chat notes on the patch.

- no changes to Black Adam
- Sinestro's trait loads 35% faster and d,f+2 to hit mid and recover at -11F
- Superman's breath to be changed to -1 on block



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I thought they were not going to patch anyone until EVO was over? (Or thats what the theory was)

"no changes to Black Adam". ¬_¬'


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Great one problem fixed, Now can we get to work on getting rid of Grundy's Super Move walking. I think that is totally unfair how he gets MULTIPLE CHANCES to execute his Super Move on you while others only get 1. He's already powerful enough with his grabs and I think this needs to be addressed

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I love when Grundy players use the super, because his super is pure garbage. A real Grundy player only uses his super to win the match.


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The Flash's power doesn't slow him down during his super. I activated mine when a Grundy full screened supered and I was like "Ha! come get me sucker!" and before I new it he was in my face