Upcoming NEC6 UMK3 Tournament Teaser Video


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OK everyone, NEC6 is coming up, and I'll be hosting a UMK3 tournament. Battousai has put together a teaser video, in effort to entice people to show up.


Tourny info once again:

North East Championship (NEC6) December 3rd and 4th

Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Park Plaza Hotel - Days Inn 2015 Penrose Ave (215-336-4516) - South Philadelphia, 3 miles from the airport
I have 3 reasons why i cant join.

1/ probably not old enough
2 Way too far from home
3 I saw that movie and the way those guys were playing i'd get crushed.
Woah, that looks cool. Was the DreemerNJ and Prophet from here, or were they somebody else? I might join, I live near philly, but if theres an age limit, I'm out.
I don't think there's an age limit, just so long as you can get there pay the cover charge and entry fees for the paid tournaments, maybe like 12 or 13 years old would generally be too young. DreemerNJ and myself (from this board will be there) Prophet does not post here.
NEC in Philly

Hey, I just called the number that you gave and they said it's not being held there. What's up with that? I need to know, because I just read this now and I need to take off work to come. I don't get on here much, so I'm begging someone to PLEASE email me. My email is sweetdreamdesire@yahoo.com.

Shit, if you don't feel like emailing me, call my cell. 610-742-4694

Thanks kids,

Quite honestly it wouldn't surprise me if they're lying because they have lied to us twice in two different years about room availability and I think once they didn't even know that it was taking place. I'd imagine they just really don't want a bunch of kids trashing their hotel and they do get a lot of business otherwise. That is the place, it's December 3rd and 4th. I know the Prophet called the place himself to book a room Friday and Saturday night for us, and he would have most likely informed me if that number was wrong, also someone in the shoryuken.com thread would have pointed it out.

Direct copy of the info:

Hotel info:

OK players here we go again this is the thread for NEC6 in Philadelphia Pa. . Park Plaza Hotel--Days INN(2015 Penrose Av.) (215-336-4516)--South Philadephia, 3 miles from the airpot.) will be the location of NEC6.

Ask for Mary and tell her you will be coming to NEC tournament, and you will get the discount.