Unknown: "The Gods can't save everybody, some have to fight!"


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A shadow assassin that escaped the Lin Kuei’s Cyber Initiative.

[FONT=&quot]Code Name/Nick name:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Unknown
Quotes: "The Gods can't save everybody, some have to fight!", "Fear is a luxury."
Realm: Earth-realm
Alignment: Neutral
Fighting Style/ Discipline: Alternative version of the Lin Kuei style mixed with classic ninja stealth techniques.
Allies: None
Enemy: Sektor (Cyber Lin Kuei[/FONT]

The Lin Kuei is known for abducting children from all over the realm, training them to become the most lethal assassins ever seen by human kind. Deadly, silent and effective, there are few who can face the Lin Kuei and survive. But that’s all that Lin Kuei has to give; Lin Kuei trains some of their assassins in the ancient dark arts that exploit the natural powers of Earth. These humans are rare, only a few are able to master these arts and they usually appear each one or two generation. The process is long and painful but in the end they become deadly assassins that master a power fueled by the Earth itself; the most know art taught by the Lin Kuei is the mastery of ice. These assassins are known as cyromancers.

Our character suffered the fate of most of the Link Kuei members. His name remains unknown; he was abducted as a child and trained to kill. The young ninja never got to finish his training to master the arts of ice so his powers never reached full potential, but as he spent more and more time on training his abilities he managed to improve. He wasn’t transformed yet because he needed to master his abilities before being transformed.

The Lin Kuei Grandmaster started to implement the Cyber initiative within the clan. While Sub Zero and Smoke were in Outworld, the Lin Kuei sent their Cyber Assassins to retrieve the two and convert them to cyber assassins, who were on a quest of revenge for Sub Zero’s fallen brother. As the new time line altered by Raiden shows us that Sub Zero is taken back while Smoke is saved by the Thunder God.
Altering the time line can have massive effects. Among other main effects of the time alteration, was the attack of Sindel and the Cyber Lin Kuei against Earth-Realm’s warriors. Of course this action caused the death of most of the warriors of Earth-Realm, but it also had another side effect.

The Cyber initiative wasn’t accepted by all the members of the clan so the ones against it were kept prisoners and transformed by force.

The reason they kept them prisoners was a preference system implemented by the Grandmaster. This basically meant that the first to be transformed were the assassins that possessed special abilities, leaving the normal humans and the old assassins kept prisoners, waiting for their transformation after the so called “elite” was transformed. Young assassins that presented the ability to master the dark arts of the Lin Kuei were not transformed right away. They kept them in their human form until they mastered the dark arts and reached full potential with their powers, making their eventual transformation a way bigger success than just a normal ninja transformed into a cyborg.
The transformation process was slowed down because since the Lin Kuei joined Sha Kahn they were asked to send the best of the Lin Kuei’s assassins on the mission against Raiden’s warriors; that left the clan a bit more insecure giving a chance to the prisoners to make an escape.

A veteran ninja called Shadow lead a “resistance” formed by the captive assasins while most of the clan was away. Shadow was a black skinned ninja wearing plain black quilted costume with a black half mask (similar to the retro ninjas).

Unknown joined Shadow’s group; He saw the transformation of faithful members of the Lin Kuei into cyborgs with no soul and decided to join the rebels helping them fight the guards with his abilities. Even if he wasn’t as strong as the other cyromancers, Unknown’s help .

With Unknown’s help, Shadow leads his group of rebel assassins to victory against the guards and they escape the Lin Kuei’s settlement.
Shadow and his group took cover in the icy mountains, where he trained them however he could with his knowledge and the few pieces of equipment they manage to steal from the Lin Kuei.

Shadow was no master of the dark arts but he was a veteran ninja who had a lot to teach the young Unknown. Shadow taught him how to make and use smoke bombs, also teaching him how to mix his rather weak cyromacer abilities with normal weapons and techniques becoming as effective as any Lin Kuei elite assassin.

After the fall of Shao Kahn, the Lin Kuei returned, finding out that the prisoners escaped.

Meanwhile Sektor assumed the place of his father as the Grandmaster of the clan and his first assignment for the clan was to find the prisoners that escaped. Eventually they tracked down Shadow’s men while they were brining supplies to the group, leading the Lin Kuei to their location.
Unknown saw the Lin Kuei coming and suggested that they should try and retreat to the top of the mountain. Shadow refused and decided to fight the Lin Kuei.
Cyrax, Sektor and other cyber ninjas immediately arrived, attacking Shadow and his men. They fought the cyber ninjas but they were outnumbered and they were defeated; the survivors were taken back to be transformed as Shadow found himself defeated.
As Shadow tried one last attack, Cyrax caught him with his cyber-net while Sketor killed the rebels’ leader.

Unknown saw his master die and as the Lin Kuei started to search the place for other survivors he ran to the highest cave in the mountains. The Cyber ninja’s system started to interfere with the weather, not revealing Unknown’s location. They searched around for a while but Unknown managed to hide himself and used his cyromacer ability to lower the temperature of his body making him invisible to the thermal vision they had equipped.
When the Lin Kuei left, Unknown went back to bury his master’s body. He swore on his master’s grave that he’ll get revenge against the Lin Kuei and so the path of Unknown begins.

He thrown away the old ninja costume and made his own out of whatever was left in the supplies of their hideout taking the codename of “Unknown” since his old life doesn’t exist anymore and everything he believed in turned against him. He was a Lin Kuei no more, now he was their most fierce enemy.

He took Shadow’s kick and arm pads (as a tribute brought to his master) and painted the symbol the rebels had which meant “soul”, simply because they wanted to keep their souls and not become mindless cyborgs. (Using his master’s blood to paint the symbol)

He started to track down the Lin Kuei’s actions, looking for eventual survivors that were not transformed and mainly he started planning an eventual series of attacks against the Lin Kuei.

His aim is to weaken the clan, and eventually kill the new leader, Sektor and whoever stood before him and his quest for revenge.

Look and Costume:
He has black medium long hair. He used to dress like a normal ninja, but made himself a custom outfit after the defeat of the rebels.
He wears a light gray ninja top with the symbol of the rebels painted in red with his master’s blood on the upper left side (the symbol is “soul” written in chineese).

Covering his head and body with a black hooded ninja coat (kind of like Ermac’s alternate hood coat) with the sleeves ripped off, revealing his hands with black fingerless gloves covered with Shadow’s arm pads (similar to original subzero’s metallic pads but without the spikes) where the right pad was carrying a hidden blade, a weapon put together by Shadow for Unknown, which would come off the superior part of the pad.
He had classic black Lin Kuei baggy ninja bottoms and boots which have Shadow’s Kick Pads attached with light gray straps. Both the kick and arm pads had the old Lin Kuei logo on them (representing the faith he and the rebels had in the original Lin Kuei before the Cyber Initiative process was implemented).
His face was covered with a black ninja half-mask, with the design of a half skull painted on it with light gray paint. He also wears a long scarf around his neck with the scarf being tight in front and having the straps from where it’s tied come down the back.

Alternate Costume:
His alternate would be the classic costume he had as a Lin Kuei ninja. (Similar to the classic quilted ninja costumes with a few gray straps around the top and a gray mask)

Abilities and Power Part 1:
His fighting style is similar to the Lin Kuei one with slight alterations and more stealth based attacks, using smoke bombs, teleporting and other eye deceiving techniques.
Unknown is a cyromancer like most of the Lin Kuei but he didn’t get the proper training at using his ice powers so his abilities are kind of weak. The weakness of his powers forced him to learn the stealth arts from Shadow which used a similar style to Smoke’s using his crafting skills to make up for the lack of special abilities. He often uses smoke bombs to stun his opponent before teleporting or generates a short lasting smoke clone to get the upper hand over a confused opponent.
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Abilities and Power Part 1:
Leaving his powers and ninja abilities aside Unknown uses a short ninja sword that he wears on the side of his waist pulling out combinations of moves using his teleporting skills, his weapons and sometimes even his cyromancer powers. He also posses two pistols which he wears on the inner pockets of his coat, used for long range attacks since his ice powers are weak and not as effective. These are not normal pistols though, they are one of Unknown's modified weapons; they have little holes all along the whole pistol to allow the freezing the air inside, caused by his hands to enter and convert the bullets into frozen bullets, which look like sharp small shards of ice coming out from the pistols making them deadly effective.

Special Moves:

Icy cloud: like a version of an ice ball but its light gray and has a smoke like texture to it and he shoots using a single arm while he grabs his wrist with the other. (Similar to Noob’s spirit ball) Due to his weak cyromancer powers the icy cloud only slows down (making them look like they are partial freezing , a bit gray colored and move in slow-mo) his enemies instead of freezing them. The enhanced version of this attack would actually freeze the opponent like subzero would but the ice would have a grayish tone. (to symbolize the weakness of his powers)

Hidden blade dodge: similar to Johnny cage’s nutcracker but he dodges on his knees instead of split and stabs his enemy in the neck with his hidden blade that comes out of his right arm pad. The enhanced version would include a left uppercut after the stab.

Smoke bomb Teleport attacks: He throws a smoke bomb to blind his opponent and then teleports. He’s able to teleport behind the opponent, forwards or backwards. While the backwards teleport is just a defensive measure, the forward and behind one would include a hit or grapple (kind of like smoke’s attack). The enhanced versions of the forwards and behind attacks would include a second teleport ending with a different hit. (For e.g. Teleport forwards, body kicks, then teleport behind and do a grapple)

Frozen Dual Pistols shot: he’d pull out his dual pistols and shoot the opponent alternatively with the frozen bullets he generates using his cryomancer powers. The enhanced version would include a final shot that would require aiming and shooting both weapons at the same time causing a bit of extra damage when the two frozen bulelts would hit the opponent's head.

Slide kick, using his icy cloud on the ground and sliding on it with a low kick to the ankles. Enhanced versions would have him jump on his feet and stomp the opponent after the slide kick.

Smoke transition. When about to be hit by opponent he’d throw a smoke bomb swapping the two characters’s positions canceling the hit. Enhanced version would include a kick after the swap.

Throw: He’d push the opponent a step back throwing a smoke bomb in front to stun and then shoot him with his pistols. (Backward throw would have him pushing the opponent towards the back doing the same attack)

Air Throw: He’d catch the opponent mid-air and drop with him while throwing a smoke bomb; as they fall in the smoke, they teleport on the other side of the screen where the opponent appears first dropping on the floor followed by Unknown landing on his feet.

He throws a smoke bomb and teleports behind stabbing him in the heart (if not heart in the chest) with the hidden blade causing him to step backwards holding his chest while Unknown pulls out his pistols and shoots a double headshot, having the frozen bullets going right through his brain.

Fatality 1: Trows a smoke bomb, teleports behind and tries to cut him in half with his sword until the opponent grabs the sword with his hands in desperation; then he teleports behind him (left side of the screen) and slices his head off with the hidden blade. As the opponent falls down he pulls out the sword and raises up in sign of victory.

Fatality 2: He gathers strength and shoots an icy cloud, freezing his limbs and partially freezing the rest of his body. He then shoots both his legs with the pistols causing them to break and he drops on his knees, then he shoots his arms, breaking them, followed by a double headshot breaking the top of his head. Then the camera zooms on Unknown as he shoots upwards in sign of victory.

Fatality 3: (unlock able) This is like his classic fatality for his classic ninja costume.
He’d slide towards his opponent knocking him down. (like his slide kick)as his opponent tries to get up he teleports behind him and when he’s opponent is on his knees he grabs the lower and the upper part of his spine and rips it out, raising the spine up in sign of victory.

Victory Taunt: He’d throw a smoke bomb and the camera would change to the mountains where he stays, showing him appear there in the Lin Kuei “fist on the ground” position raising the fist from the ground and tapping the symbol painted on his shirt.

Brutality: He’d cut his opponent badly with the sword followed by multiple pistol shots with it's frozen bullets until he’d eventually shoot a big icy cloud which cause the opponent to blow up in a rain of guts and bones (using old MK effect of brutality XD)

Animality: Change into a white siberian wolf that would jump out of nowhere biting the neck of the opponent.

Friendship: He would show the opponent how to shoot with the dual pistols, and when he’d shoot the camera would get hit and broken XD

Babality: When he'd be transformed in a baby he pulls out a smoke grenade and plays it with trowing it up and catching it a few times, until it falls down and the smokes goes off, he starts coughing because of the smoke then strarts to cry.

Hara Kiri: He would drop on his knees and stabbing himself in the head with the hidden blade or shooting his brains out with the pistols.

This is my custom character that started as a ninja I made on MK Armageddon and I kept making kind of a background story for him based on the actions from MK9's story. Hope you guys like it :)
Here is my MK Armageddon version of him.
(it's pretty plain, but I can't do much more with MKA's KAF mode XD)
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I love his story!

With Sektor as the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, Unknown could be his rival.

I don't, however, like the idea of his pistols.
About his pistols, I wanted him to have them for some reason.
IDK but I chosed pistols to make him step away from the classic ninja character and have something differnt. And since I made his powers weaker I implemented the guns and smoke bombs form his master to help him make up for the lack of powers :p
About his pistols, I wanted him to have them for some reason.
IDK but I chosed pistols to make him step away from the classic ninja character and have something differnt. And since I made his powers weaker I implemented the guns and smoke bombs form his master to help him make up for the lack of powers :p

How about he holds his hand like a gun (index finger pointed forward, thumb erect) and shoots small icicles out of his finger.

The enhanced version has the same properties as Shao Kahn's spear throw.
Hmm that could work :p
I'll give it a thought and see, thanks for the suggestion.

(might even make him kinda affect the pistols with his icy touch to make the bullets be frozen or ice, I kinda like the ideea of the phsycal guns in his hands for some reason XD )
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Thank you.
Would be pretty cool in the Actual MK with the improved graphics and stuff :p

EDIT: I made the pistols to be modified so he uses his powers to create frozen bullets in the shape of sharp pieces of ice. I like the ideea and put it that way. Thanks for the suggestion back,back,back,low punch, IDK if you like my ideea but it's surely not as lame as 2 normal pistols XD

I might try to create whatever I can out of him on MK Armageddon then edit it on phtoshop to get the look I kind of want. (I'm rusty tho, didn't touch photoshop in ages) so expect a future image of Unknow (or at least an attempt of one XD)
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i'm seeing a few inconsistencies in your story though.
if Unknown was captured by Sektor and locked back up, waiting to be transformed, how was he there when the rebels were attacked??
i'm seeing a few inconsistencies in your story though.
if Unknown was captured by Sektor and locked back up, waiting to be transformed, how was he there when the rebels were attacked??
There were lots of rebels locked up. The automation process was rather slow one, and basicly they locked the rrebels up in those cage like structures having them waiting their turn to be transformed.

(so imagine it was his turn, he tried to get away and Sektor got him later on that day, his turn has passed and the Lin Kuei continued the process while they were looking for Unknown, they wouldn't stop the whole thing just because one got away. So he got thrown in prison, and in a way "put back in the waiting line")
There were lots of rebels locked up. The automation process was rather slow one, and basicly they locked the rrebels up in those cage like structures having them waiting their turn to be transformed.

(so imagine it was his turn, he tried to get away and Sektor got him later on that day, his turn has passed and the Lin Kuei continued the process while they were looking for Unknown, they wouldn't stop the whole thing just because one got away. So he got thrown in prison, and in a way "put back in the waiting line")

i'm confused, sorry for all this, i think i'm just missing something, how did Unknown run away to the top of the mountain if he was locked up in a cage, under the watch of the lin kuei
how did he warn the others that the lin kuei were coming if they were all locked up in a cage...??
Ok i need to re-write this story and explain it better There are some things I don't like and I gotta change, I'll post an update as soon as I write it, (moves, abilities and look will stay the same)

There I rewritten the story. Now it's better and I tried to explain my ideea as good as I could.
I added my MKA picture of him (but in MKA the KAF mode is rather limited so dont expect much XD)

Tell me waht you think of the edited story. I had Sektor becoming grandmaster, explaind Unknown's past a bit and expanded the whole rebels chapter.

Trilogy you can read it now and I hope you understand better, I got rid of some confusing bits.
Great improvement.

I love that you changed it so that he isn't a weak cyromancer, he is just an under-trained one.

Also it is great that Sektor finally has a rival.
As the new GrandMaster, he feels as if perfection is the only way for the Lin Kuei.
So having rebels survive drives him crazy.
Glad you like it; And yeah thats the approach I took. Sektor is perfect in this caseand his personality fits perfectly to be Unknown's rival.
About his skills, I came to the conclusion than undertrained makes more sence and adds place for improvement :p.

I'm working on a image for him in photoshop, not gonna be too good but it's looking pretty decent so far, I'll post a picture as soon as I have something good. (but I'm so stuck at the coat/hood XD)

EDIT: here's how he's looking atm. (used ninja assassin dude for the base XD)
It's still WIP but I dont really know how I'll manage to add a hood and a coat to it :(

(yeah Imma have a hard time getting rid of the white lines arround some parts <_<, this is gonna fail XD)
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