UMK9 or MK10 opinion


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What's your opinion on what will b the next mk game? And when it might come out.
I for one play mk for the story and features. I'm not all about being the best or in the top 50 mk players or learn a character until my hands hurt.

I play online occasionally and just enjoy The story, features and fatalities. Been a huge mk fan since the 90s so the sooner another game comes out for me the better. I go with umk9 early next yr and mk10 at end of 2012. Just in time for the holiday fatalities!!!
UMK9 would be badass.. probably will just go into MK10, Warner Bros. couldn't pull a Capcom and re-sell 3-5 discs of the same game with 4-7 more characters, more outfits to buy and enhanced play
Batman Arkham Asylum didn't resell, F.E.A.R not likely, DC Universe Online didn't, these are what they're biggest titles from WB.. UMK9 would still be badass, man
this is gud but this is sumthin i'd see in mk legacy. i jus hope ed boon is cooking something upp for release on mk's 20th birthday on mk's 10th bday we had mkda but who noes wats in store for its 20th whether its mk10 or somethin else..
Batman Arkham Asylum didn't resell, F.E.A.R not likely, DC Universe Online didn't, these are what they're biggest titles from WB.. UMK9 would still be badass, man

3-5 discs of the same game would be stupid, but there is plenty they could do with a solid single release of a UMK, and I'm sure it would sell well with the right additions.

I wouldn't want them to pull a Capcom and release an update every year, but a UMK would be great for MK9.
I prefer UMK9, why? the basic structure is already good, they need to add many things to get sure that the fans want this game. When they release MK10, i bet that some important things would be still ingored (it is a new game so they "create" everything new like everytime), still only 2 fatalities, just a handful of stage fatalities, no endurance, handicap or tournament mode. Bring an UMK9 between April and June next year with the updates that the fans wanted and it will bring money. I guess with a perfected UMK9 game the fans would have no problem when MK10 comes for the PS4 (i heard from a friend that Sony will work on it in 2012).
Add a couple of more DLC packs and that will do me until they make mk10. They could probably get away with a release of a umk9, but I know I probably wouldn't buy a umk9 (unless it was like 20-30 bucks or something) because this one is already good enough to last till late 2012 (couple more DLC packs included).
Competitively I think it would last till late 2012 where MK10 could be released when MK is still hot. 1.5-2 years between games is a perfect length imo.
if they make A umk9 and it has all the dlcs i already payed for im gunna feel ripped off. they would have to add quite a bit of new content. but really, why a umk9? back in the day they made a umk3 because there was no such thing as dlc. once a game was made thats what the game was. i kinda miss that.
UMK9 is a better option for me, released sometime next year. I wouldn't want NRS to take 2 years simply to rehash MK9's engine and call it a "sequel". They had that mistake already with the Deadly Alliance/Deception/Armageddon Trilogy.

MK9 should have some longevity, and MK10 should offer significant advances over its predecessor. An expansion will help MK9 last longer, while NRS take longer to develop MK10 into a proper sequel.
Keep supporting MK9 with DLC and updates and whatnot. DO NOT pull a Capcom and release a UMK9.

Release MK10 no earlier than 2013.
U can trade in MK9 for UMK9 and get it for dirt cheap people, especially if u bring it to gamestop when they have their trade in specials. You'd end up paying $10 for it when its all said and done or maybe even get it for free depending on what u trade in. They wont pull a capcom and release a ton of disc. It would be just this one game, guaranteed and then MK10 would come next. This is such a no brainer for everyone, come on now
I would rather they work on MK10. MK isn't like Street Fighter or MvC3. It focuses heavily on the storyline and only recently has it been diving into competitive play. I'm not opposed to UMK9, but I would rather they focus on correcting things via patches and release an MK10 with all the Online Corrections and new modes etc.
You guys realise they have more than enough personel to make both UMK9 and MK10? So why the hell would u NOT want an expansion for MK9 to make it deeper while we wait for MK10
I'd really like to see a bad ass MK10, and not a mediocre MK10, and a UMK9 that I have to spend extra money on. I'm fine with the DLC, as long as they add Cyber Smoke at one point or another!