UMK3 Tourny at Clash in Dunellen NJ@8 on the Break Jan. 7th


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Merry Christmas everyone. Good news, I have been asked to run a UMK3 tournament at the NJ segment of "Clash" which will be hosted at 8 on the Break in Dunellen, NJ on January 7th or 8th, all things are still pending but I'll find out in the next couple days. I have to confirm things with the tournament directory and make sure it's OK but it will probably be considered an unofficial tournament. There are a lot of UMK3 players who show up in the NJ area casually so the turnout should be decent. Expect me, Prophet, Julian, Jeron, Rob Sigley, Phi, Red Gouki, and a number of other casual players to be there. If anyone in the tri-state area is interested contact me. I know a lot of people are interested in seeing UMK3's tourny scene come alive again but it can't happen without players showing up, I ask anyone who lives in the area to please try and show up and make this thing happen.

340 North Ave, Dunellen, NJ

All entrants will be required to donate 2 canned items, or $3 (Which will be used to buy canned items) for charity, if you do not have the 2 canned items or $3, you cannot enter. The food and money will be donated to The New York FoodBank.

(This is a requirement set forth by SA Management, the company providing the guaranteed prize money for the big tournaments)

Darn man, these tournaments sound so awesome. I can't wait until I get my liscense and can come. Good luck to all those who can participate :)
I don't mind training people, I play online on Kaillera under the name $inala. If you REALLY want to go to Clash, please try and make it. Right now we're looking at about 8 players if all the regulars show up, and maybe 12 if some of the people I've talked to outside of that circle of players show.

The average turnout is like 9 players, but I know a lot of people who show up on occassion. I have calculated that if the planets align on the eternal equinox of a leap year that the groundhog does not see it's shadow about 30 UMK3 players could show up. That's every single person I've ever played in person whose name I know and am familiar with. There's probaly at least a dozen others I've met but I have no idea who they are.
I'd love to go. I'm not a huge fan of UMK3 (mostly because I suck at it), but the combos people pull are insane. Its definatly fun to watch, but alas...where the tourny is being held is about as far away from me as possible :(.

The entry-fee is good too, props on that.
Message Boards? Sorry bub, but computers and or Mortal Kombat, do not rule my life. In my opinon a " Mortal Kombat Video-Game Tournament ", reminds me of Dungeons and dragons. Which is a nerd
thing. And I'm not a nerd.. :roll:
You know what, take that holier-than-thou bullshit attitude somewhere else.

If you're interested enough in Mortal Kombat to be a part of a message board dedicated to it, then you're an MK-nerd; end of story. Sorry, "bub", but if we're all nerds, then you're one too.
Calm down man.. I said that I think the whole " Mortal Kombat Video-Game Tournament " is nerdy. I like Mortal Kombat as much as the next
guy. When I first saw this site, I thought it would be kinda cool to talk about the stuff thats in these " message boards " or whatever.

yah but ya dont gotta be a buttwhipe about it all. Ryknow, yer point meets the cookie and I got yer back and full understanding. These tournaments sound like something that gives me a reason to get out of bed and live!
I would participate if I lived a few states closer than Oklahoma, too bad nothing cool like that would ever happen here.
Regurk said:
The Nerds Unite...
Revenge of the Nerds VI : Mortal Kombat!
I was just wondering since no one has asked yet...
WTF makes us nerds!? Cuz we play mortal kombat? Playing mortal kombat makes us nerds?! How the F*@# does that stereo-type come along!?!
Yeah, how does that make us nerds? Some of us are athletes but we play video games on our spare times. That doesn't make us nerds does it?
Regurk said:
Calm down man.. I said that I think the whole " Mortal Kombat Video-Game Tournament " is nerdy. I like Mortal Kombat as much as the next
guy. When I first saw this site, I thought it would be kinda cool to talk about the stuff thats in these " message boards " or whatever.


So you are a fan of MK, just not in the company of others at an arcade. That makes sense. Socializing isn't for everyone.
He might have SAD.

Weren't two player fighting games designed to be used by two people playing against eachother? Wouldn't this eventually lead to some people being better than others? And in part, eventually lead to scenarios where a lot of people who think they are good play against eachother at once with a concrete way of determining who is the best in a given situation? Oh yeah and win money doing so, make friends, learn strategies, and continue to breathe life into a game's popularity.

We are nerds. We are smarter than you.
Go EWAShock!

I'd have entired this... But unless I suddenlly learn how to swim very, very long distance (if I suddenly learn to swim even) or had a long boat or aquire a private jet can't ever happen.

I'd do it for the experience... Even though I can't pull of any of the combos and the first combo manaic would beat me.
That kid got pwned.

And an MK tournament is way less nerdy in my opinion than discussing it, since the point of the game is to be played.