UMK3 Tournament at NEC7 2006 - Dec 2+3 in Philly


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From Tournament Coordinator Eric:

"NorthEast Championship (NEC7) in Philly

OK players here we go again this is the thread for NEC7 in Philadelphia Pa. . Park Plaza Hotel--Days INN(2015 Penrose Av.) (215-336-4516)--South Philadephia, 3 miles from the airpot.) will be the location of NEC7."

UMK3 will be hosted by Shock and DreemerNJ from Sticks and pads will be provided, personal controllers, game pads, personal sticks, etc are also accepted in the PSX/PS2 and USB formats. The game will NOT be played on the PS2 or XBox 360 versions. Entry fee is $5 if there even is an entry fee by the time players get together. The more players that show, the more the cash prize, and the better chances at 2nd and 3rd place being awarded prize money as well. Depending on turn out it will either be standard double elimination, or Round Robin if there are less than 16 players.

Players who will most likely be in attendance on one or either days: Shock, DreemerNJ, BustaUppa, RSigley, Julian, Jeron, Tom Brady, DeludedFool, plus others. Hope to see a lot more people there with the game being available on XBLA for practice.
Tournament is coming up in a few days. Lots of heavy duty players are saying they'll be there. Let's hope the total turn out gets some decent paying spots!