UMK3: SNES VS Genesis

Which system is better for playing UMK3 on?

  • SNES

    Votes: 10 71.4%
  • Genesis

    Votes: 4 28.6%

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Before I begin, I just wanna say that I ALWAYS prefer playing Arcade UMK3 on MAME PC over all other versions of the game. I only play the SNES, Genesis, and other console and handheld ports if I don't have direct access to a PC, or if the PC I have access to can't run MAME with no lag (like my Netbook).

I wanna know, once and for all, which of the two 16-bit systems is better for playing UMK3 on. I've looked all over the Internet for this answer, but every video or forum thread I've found related to this discussion is either outdated or told by a casual gamer who most likely knows little to nothing about MK. ded's reviews of both versions on did a good job exploiting their flaws, but since the two weren't directly compared, I find those reviews hard to use as a final verdict...

Here's the main reason I'm bringing this up:
I own an Xperia Play. If you don't know what that is, it's an Android phone that has a built-in gamepad instead of a keyboard (hence why it's referred to as the "PlayStation Phone"). Since last year, my Xperia Play's been decommissioned as a phone and is now used solely for gaming. However, the phone's nowhere near powerful enough to run UMK3 (or ANY MK game) on MAME4Droid Reloaded. Thus I have to resort to SNES and Genesis emulators.

So let's end this debate now! Which version is truly better than the other? SNES or Genesis?
Let's compare:
The roster is the same (both have no Sheeva, but Rain & Noob Saibot)
SNES graphics are better.
Sound is question of preferation really. Genesis one is hoarsy, but SNES' is metallic sounding.
UMK3 gen (non hacked) have 10 stages, SNES have 4.
Gameplay? I think Genesis version have better gameplay.
If you will choose from these 2 only, i reccomend you to download this version for Genesis - - Hack, but good one, big improvement over original port, needs an emulator that can run ports bigger than 4Mbs.

BTW, there are also Nintendo DS & Sega Saturn ports, which are better than both Gen & SNES versions. Maybe there some DS or Saturn emulators Xperia can run?
As someone who only owns the Genesis version and not the SNES version, I can only say that I loved the Genesis verison.

If you are going to play it on Genesis, though, do yourself a favor and get a 6-button controller or Genesis 6-button arcade stick, as I did (if you can still find them).
I have the SNES port of UMK3. I must warn that if you use the Random select feature on the secret Tournament Mode, BEWARE the ? icon. That is in fact a buggy version of Sheeva. It even has that name on the lifebar. Once it's her turn, get rid of her health as soon as possible, because she WILL cause the game to crash.

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I hate how the bios are incomplete in both versions, although if I recall well only the Genesis version has Mileena and Ermac bios. There are a lot of small differences like Sindel's winning pose or the two Sub-Zero's swapped in the character select screen. I think the graphics are better in SNES but as others said too, a bit more content in Genesis so I'm voting for that one. All-in-all these are dumbed down ports of MK Trilogy though with the ninja-overload...
Both versions are inferior to the Saturn port :top:

With that said, if I had to choose, I'd go with the Genesis version due to the 6-button.
I always thought the Genesis version looked terrible especially compared to SNES. I'm sorry, I can't give you any indepth analysis between the two systems. I can just give you my opinion and preference.

SNES port is superior in my opinion.
SNES purely because of the better graphics. The Genesis has worse graphics but it's pretty much the same as the SNES version, blood and everything.
I'm all about the gameplay, and honestly, the Genesis is the fastest, tightest home version if you're looking for non-loading times. Yes, the graphics and sound are sacrificed quite a bit (the console is being pushed to its limit; I'm surprised how decent it looks as it is, honestly) - but the gameplay is leaps and bounds better than the SNES version (especially with the SNES controller vs 6-button).
Sega Genesis.

The controls are really good and the gameplay is faster than the SNES. These X, A, Y, B controls. ><

In music... I prefer Genesis, less metallic and robotic sounding lol.

In Graphics, SNES look better but they are very limited in frames of char sprites. At least Genesis had more frames in the char sprites I think.

That's my opinion. Not saying that SNES sucks.
I say all versions of UMK3 are better, because to me it doesn't matter which one we prefer, but as long as we enjoy playing each version, that's all that matters.