UMK3 Ninja Pack Request Thread


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This is a Request Thread to get UMK3 Ninja Outfits in MK9

I figured I would make a thread about this because while reading other topics there seems to be a good amount of people who really want this. So Write a message below asking NetherRealm Studios for a UMK3 Ninja Pack. Who knows it might just work because at the interview with Ed at Comic-Con he did say if there is high demand and the other DLC sold well they might do more.

So here is Ed's and the Official MK Twitter send them a tweet request this UMK3 Ninja Pack.

Ed's Twitter

Official MK Twitter

Also if you are just gonna Hate don't bother posting.
Sorry, but I'm already busy begging for MK2 Sub-Zero. But obviously I'd love to have all UMK3 ninjas as well, but MK2 are my favorite.
How about we get non-ninja characters some outfits? They already have enough (the ninjas, that is).
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How about mk2 ninjas first. I'm down with this though, just would mk2 before this one.

But before anymore ninja, how 'bout some other characters
Bro, YES.
UMK3 ninja swag F*ck The World, its FTW!!!
I support you in your quest and I also just gave your thread a free bump.
I'd be surprised if we didn't get these at some point. I'm sure that was the reasoning behind the unmasked Sub-Zero skin using the UMK3 ninja costume instead of his actual MK3 costume.

They should make one for Rain at the very least.
I wouldn't buy it, if it includes 1 fatality each character then awesome, I would buy it, but I wouldn't pay $5 for any classic costumes.

Though I'd pay $5 just for Human Reptile from the artbook.
I say they should release all MK2 and all UMK3 ninja outfits, so yes, you get my full support.

All the other non-ninja characters should also get their classic costumes.
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How about we get non-ninja characters some outfits? They already have enough (the ninjas, that is).

Definitely voting this option. Already too much focus on the ninjas in this game. Its almost as if sometimes they other characters are just filler.
If you want more dlc, buy the DLC available.

Companies don't give a SHIT about petitions.