UMK3 Match Videos from Clash at 8 on the Break


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New vids are up, a handful of us got together and put some matches on tape. There were some other players around as well who didn't get involved unfortunately. Here are the win-losses for the taped matches.

Shock: 16-6
Bill: 6-4
Phi: 6-7
Busta: 1-11
Rob: 4-4

Next UMK3 tournament is most likely in February at Break Down at 8 on the Break in Dunellen, NJ. When I get confirmation I will post an update.
Nice! I love match vids for any fighting game. You and your friends are pretty damn good I must say.

There's only one arcade in my area that has UMK3, and I don't go there nearly as often I should. These vids have gotten me nostalgic enough to make a note of correcting that in the near future. :)
do you even like Scorpion or Noob Saibot or Rain :lol: but im just wondering where was did you play UMK3 and when did you play it?
Hey, I wanted to ask...what system are you using in your tournaments? If that's an arcade cabinet forgive me, I've only watched one of the videos so far, and it was kinda hard to tell.
We've only used Mame for one tournament so far in all the tournys I've been in for the past 5 years, that was NEC6, we had no access to a UMK3 machine and we knew that ahead of time, it was a console tournament.
damn sorry for sounding like an idiot but i forgot is Mama the PC version of UMK3 because i got this wierd file i downloaded called UMK3 Rom. and i'm wondering if i burn it to a cd i can actually play it :) Again sorry for acting like an idiot :oops:
Mame is an emulator. It plays arcade games. Someone hooked the arcade board up to their comp and downloaded the game off the machine and then found a way to get the computer to play it. A ROM file would be what Mame can play.

But be careful because ROMs are illegal and usually discussing things like where to get them is a no-no.
so is it bad if i use it or not? Because i am about to use it since i never played UMK3 plus i don't remember MK3 at all.